Historic Naval Weapon is going to the First State from USS Missouri

On May 25th, Jeff Brown released an article on Military.com talking about a historical naval weapon that is finding its way to the first state.

At Fort Miles, an artifact from the old war times was found on May 21st 2016. Fort Miles is considered a military base that was established to defend the Delaware Bay before World War II. This Fort Miles is in the territory within the Cape Henlopen State Park. This fort was used by more than over 2000 soldiers to attack and defend against Nazi submarines and ships.

The artifact that was discovered was a 16 inch gun which was once used on the USS Missouri battleship. This gun had fired 2500 pound shells to support against Iwo Jima and Okinawa in September 1945. This gun was also around during the surrender of the Japanese forces.

Here is what Terrance McGovern from the Coast Defense Study Group had to say about the fort.

This fort was here to defend the Delaware Bay and Delaware River because of all the industries and the Navy Yard in Philadelphia.

The Coast Defense Study Group was in charge of discovering and transferring the USS Missouri gun to the fort.

Brown also talks a little more about the fort.

The fort controlled a minefield in the bay and once had 32 various artillery pieces, including mobile weapons and fixed guns. Fort Miles was home to two 16-inch naval guns, mounted inside a huge concrete casement; these, these like the other weapons at the fort, were scrapped at war's end.


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