General Dynamics to Deliver Radios for USAF’s D-ILS

General Dynamics Mission Systems’ radios will provide the US Air Force Deployable Landing System (D-ILS) with a new communication systems. The new Thales built system will afford pilots the precision guidance necessary to land at locations where the existing air traffic control system is unavailable or where or where no infrastructure exists. This system would primarily be utilized within temporary airfield in isolated locations.

The General Dynamics Mission Systems radios offer an integrated solution with commercial off-the-shelf products, delivering significant cost savings in bringing this new Air Force capability into service,"

vice president of General Dynamics Mission Systems Mike DiBiase said in a statement.

The Thales D-ILS system will give pilots the ability to land with pin-point accuracy in low-visibility and/or low-ceiling weather conditions. Once the D-ILS system is fully operational, the Air Force will have a deployable system for rapid set-up, activation and relocation during Air Force tactical and restoral of service operations.

The D-ILS system will utilize the General Dynamics CM-300/350 V2 air traffic control (ATC) radios as well as the Fortress ES2440 High Capacity Mesh Point wireless backhaul radios. The CM-300/350 Series Version 2 radios are the latest additions to the General Dynamics family of Air Traffic Control (ATC) radios. Based on the FAA NEXCOM Segment 2 radio requirements, these rack mounted transmitter and receiver systems are specifically designed to meet the dynamic mission requirements of air traffic control centers, commercial airports, and military air stations and range installations.

Key Features:
  • VHF: AM 8.33 kHz channel spacing for 25 kHz
  • UHF: AM 225 – 399.975 MHz
  • 2 – 35 Watt RF output power with co-site filter
  • Remote control and maintenance capability with built-in test
  • 100% usable receive channels
  • 6 second boot time
  • Multiple keying and squelching options
  • Passively cooled
  • Ultra-high mean Time Between Failure (MTBF)

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