Finmeccanica Pitching ‘Falcon Shield’ to Counter UAVs

DefenseNews, a Tenga company, has released an article on February 8th, 2016 talking about Finmeccanica and how it has proposed to a solution to UAV drones that are available to the average consumer as airports and military bases are seeing UAV drones more and more as a threat. According to Steve Williams, capability manager for Finmeccanica's airborne and space systems division, there have been a couple of incidents in which mini drones posed a risk to both the national and the commercial security in the past few years. These drones are also known as small unmanned aerial vehicles.

One example of these incidents include when the unmanned aerial vehicle landed on the White House lawn. These UAVs have become incredibly easy to make, cheap to buy, easy to fly and thus very, very accessible to children. Over a million of these drones were gifted to kids during the Christmas holiday. Williams mentions that a child would buy a DGI Phantom quadcopter drone and use it within minutes as if he were a professional.

“Their arrival isn’t a new thing,” Williams said. “What’s changes is the ease with which you can one, buy them, and two, fly them.”

Civilian airlines are worried that drones will be to airports and distract and interfere with takeoff and landings regardless of the drone is operated by a kid, drug trafficker, or a terrorist. Military operates are worried that data gatherers could be attached high quality camera to the UAVs to spy on people. To combat all of this, Finmeccanica has created the Falcon Shield. The Falcon Shield has the capabilities to find, fix, identify, track, and defeat these threats if necessary. The Falcon Shield is a modular and scalable system that will be able to use and protect small localized areas such as Times Square in New York City or even huge plots of land where a nuclear power station would exist.

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December 18, 2019

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