The FAA to Release Exclusive DATA COMMM to Airports within the Year

According to the Avionics Magazine the FAA is to release their long-awaited Departure Clearance (DCL) Air Traffic Control (ATC) tower system to help facilitate aircraft communication. As of the ending of the year 2016 this long-awaited data communication system will be installed into 56 airport towers  The  device has been tested and installed to see its production in action on some aircrafts as of , Sept. 27, the agency demonstrated the use of Data Comm on a UPS Boeing 767 and United Airlines Boeing 777 at Washington Dulles International Airport in Virginia.” One of the great applications the Data Comm offers is its ability to send “text messages” throughout the pilots and controllers. Many times, voice communication can be miss leading when not heard correctly either dispatching or receiving incoming airplanes. The Data communicators goal is to avoid confusion and have a readable message that will be a straight forward command upon receiving.

The UPS pilot Gregg Kastman that has already begun use of the Data Comm has stated to journalist’s attendees of the Data Comms demonstration that, “this eliminates a huge amount of traffic on the radio.” The radio is not improving communication but is a part of a much bigger project that is being created by FAA to enhance not only communication but the entire avionic and aviation industry. The FAA plans to create a new system with modernized programs to enhance and facilitate air travel and working with their ground control. The new system is called the NextGen National Airspace (NAS) and is designed for the,” enabling a direct link between ground automation and flight deck avionics for safety-of-flight clearances, instructions, traffic-flow management, flight crew requests and reports.” Just NSN Parts Having parts available and ready to ship is how we differentiate ourselves from the competitors that allows us to better ease your logistics in a timely manner.  For a closer look, our  website is filled with the products we are able to provide instantly. For instant RFQs within 15 minutes email us at or to speak with one of our sales  representatives call us at  +1-714-705-4780.


December 18, 2019
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