Detecting Counterfeit electronic components using Electrical testing

Know More About Electronic Components:
Electronic Components are widely used in the market for achieving perfection in several engineering processes. Technology is developing day by day and these new inventions are widely used across the globe. New technology requires the money for funding and for installation purposes in the components; all this comes at a price which is not favored by everyone. This is where fake and duplicate products come in the market and ensure to destroy the demands. They can also jeopardize the working of other equipments which are associated with the current fake products; their functioning together can inherit huge losses and complete stoppage over the process.

Electrical testing comes to the rescue as it can actually help in identifying counterfeit electronic products even if the construction and parts used are same. Every manufacturer has its own specialty in creating his products, to ensure there are no fake or duplicate products created he ensures it will precise and exact calculations. These calculations can be checked on a graph, now electrical testing ensures to run the component and test its performance; everything is recorded on the graph. This is where fake and duplicate products come into the scanner. Even if the specs and designs are correct, they certainly won’t perform according to the original manufacturer specs. The graph precisely records the performances and then compares with the original ones.

Automatic or Automated Test Equipment is mainly simulative type testing, it gives the actual background of the product. It performs the diagnostic within minutes and yields the result. Electronic manufacturing industry widely uses ATE for knowing the original and fake products; this saves millions of dollars for the company who wish to utilize these products. Electrical testing therefore succeeds in finding the odds and is considered to be from the best lot of products testing equipment.

Temperature rise and drops are also carried out in regards to knowing which brand delivers the best in class equipment. Temperature is dropped under minus as given by manufacturer and then the product is tested. The other side the temperature is increased to 300 degrees which is quite extreme in terms of certain equipments, by this way fake and duplicate products fail out easily. This type of testing is extreme and is only performed under strict supervision. Records are created which prove to be best in class and preferred in the long run.

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