How Engine Cooling Systems Benefit Aircraft

Posted on January 16, 2020 Josh Parker Aircraft Component

For aircraft to achieve flight, many engines utilize powerful combustion chambers that burn fuel constantly. With this combustion of fuel, intense amounts of heat is created, upwards of 3,500 degrees Fahrenheit. While much of this is vented out of the aircraft as exhaust, there still remains a great amount of heat that must be dissipated, lest it cause the engine to overheat, damage components, reduce the engine’s life, and more.

Oil lubrication is one method in which engine parts can further be cooled. Lubricant systems coat the engine components with a layer of oils, utilizing a dry or wet sump lubrication system. This oil is able to absorb heat from the engine components, helping to cool them down. After, the oil is moved to an oil cooling system where the heat can be removed utilizing a radiator. While oil cooling can account for nearly half of the heat removal of a system after exhaust, it is unable to cool the entire system, thus aircraft also rely on other methods as well.

Air cooling through the use of bleed air is another method that accounts for much of the heat removal of the engine. Utilizing air inlets, air can enter the engine compartment and flow around the cylinders and other components before exiting through the cowling. Cowl flaps which bring in cool air can be controlled hydraulically or manually, but there is a tradeoff with increased drag. While air cooling can be less effective during lower speeds, there are also controls put in place to limit the amount of air as too much can be detrimental with temperature fluctuation. Times in which air can be too cold include the winter season or very high altitudes.

Altogether, there are many ways in which an engine can reduce the great amounts of heat that they produce. Through exhaust, oil, and air, most heat can be removed so that there is little to no damage caused to the aircraft engine parts. This keeps the life expectancy of components longer, as well as protects the aircraft and pilot from any danger that could be caused by excessive heat.

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