Belkin, Inc.: Connectivity for Consumers and Businesses

Belkin International, Inc. is an electronics manufacturer, specializing in connectivity devices. Established in 1983 in Hawthorne, California, Belkin is currently a private company with approximately 1,200 employees and operations in 21 countries worldwide. Besides an extensive product offering for individual consumers, Belkin has a division, Belkin Business (based in Playa Vista, California), which provides solutions for commercial environments. This division develops technology for customers ranging from OEMs to government entities to businesses.Belkin OEM offers turnkey and custom products in areas such as: wired and wireless networking, high-speed data and AV connectivity, secure KVM, soft goods, product ruggedization, and home automation.

Belkin Business solutions offer a product portfolio that improves collaboration, mobility, and networking in a business environment. Their offerings include fiber optic cables (MTP/MPO) for infrastructure, rack mount consoles and KVMs, and networking devices such as switches and routers. The company also manufactures a number of products that are compatible with government regulations. Their line of cybersecurity products are Common Criteria (CC) compliant, that is, their level of quality is assured by the international standard ISO/IEC 15408 for computer security certification and is acceptable for use in government agencies and critical infrastructure. Within this category, Belkin offers protection including secure switching devices (devices designed to isolate secure data and networks) and secure peripherals (protection for external attachments such as webcams and USB ports).

Additionally, Belkin offers a range of Trade Agreements Act (TAA) compliant products, including racks and enclosures, consoles, and cables. ASAP Semiconductor offers a wide range of connectivity device parts, including those from Belkin, Inc. If you’re in the market for NSN-standard parts, please visit our specialized website Just NSN-Parts at and browse through our selection. You can search by national stock number, part number, manufacturer, or contract number. For more information or to request a quote, contact us at


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