Basic Aviation Replacement Parts

When someone needs to purchase an aircraft part, they cannot just walk into a building and buy what they need right off of the shelf. Aviation parts procurement is highly regulated and involves many steps and interactions between buyers and sellers. The process involves making a Request for Quote (RFQ), a Purchase Order (PO), order acknowledgment, shipping, invoicing, etc.

Even the well-known Boeing Co. uses an extremely complex web of suppliers. The reason being that the B787 Dreamliner has about 2.3 million parts in one aircraft and it’s not feasible to manufacture every single component. So, when something in an aircraft needs to be replaced— or an aircraft manufacturer needs a part— where do they find it? Well, they can get them from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), aftermarket parts manufacturers, Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) businesses, or distributors.

OEMs produce the original equipment that is installed in an aircraft. Parts can be purchased through an OEM after the aircraft is purchased, but over the years, they may stop manufacturing the part. As a result, a vacancy is created in the market, which then leads to a competitive market of aftermarket spares and parts distribution.

When procuring a part, someone may also decide to go to a company that manufactures aftermarket parts— in aviation, these businesses receive a Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) from the FAA. This permits them to manufacture parts that have been tested and proven to meet FAA airworthiness standards; they also have to follow strict FAA regulations and procedures.

MROs are maintenance, repair, and overhaul businesses, so they keep a slew of parts commonly needed for repair in stock. On the other hand, distributors specifically source and stock parts to simplify the procurement process for aircraft operators. One of the many benefits of using a distributor, such as ASAP Semiconductor, is that you can locate parts that are difficult to find, there is value added, and pricing is competitive.

At Just NSN Parts, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, we can help you find all the aircraft spare parts you need, new or obsolete. As a premier supplier of parts for the aerospace, civil aviation, and defense industries, we’re always available and ready to help you find all the parts and equipment you need, 24/7x365. For a quick and competitive quote, email us at or call us at +1-714-705-4780.


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