Lockheed Martin Delivers Seahawk Helicopter

On July 28th 2016, Lockheed Martin has delivered the 24th and last MH-60R Sea-hawk helicopter to the US Navy. Lockheed Martin did this to help with the Navy’s Foreign Military Sales program that runs with the Royal Australian Navy. This handover was on July 27th during a ceremony that was held at Lockheed Martin’s Owego, New York facility.

During this event, there was many officials that attended. Naval Air Systems Command, the Australian Embassy, Sikorsy, Defense Contraction Management Agency, and Lockheed Martin were some of the many officials to name a few.

Here is what Scott Lockey, the Royal Australian Navy Commodore, had to say about this event. “In late 2010, the Australian Government had not yet made a decision to acquire the Romeo, and yet here we are in mid-2016 accepting the 24th, and final, aircraft.

The Royal Australian Navy has formed the first three embarked flights, conducted the first Shellfish Missile shoot and conducted a highly successful ‘DIPEX’ against a Collins Class submarine. None of this would have been possible without the professional work conducted by everyone at Lockheed Martin involved in the Romeo program. The work done here at Owego has been of the highest quality and directly contributed to the most successful helicopter acquisition program undertaken by the Australian Defense Force.

Lockheed Martin is an American company that works in the realm of aerospace, defense, security, and advanced technologies. The company was founded 21 years ago in 1995 with headquarters located in Bethesda, Maryland. There are over 100,000 employees that work for the company.


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