Explore the Superior and Infallible Benefits of API Mission Critical Electrical Components and Systems

How We can Get Beneifits of API Mission:

API Electronics offers fully-integrated design, development, production, testing and value-added capabilities for mission-critical electrical components and systems. The company supplies to the government, aerospace, medical, telecomm, industrial and commercial industries. Some of the products the company offers are power transistors, small signal transistors, rectifiers, tuning diodes, hybrid circuits, resistor/capacitor networks, diodes, and other critical elements that enable key technology systems to function. The product & solutions API offers include: RF & microwave solutions, microelectronics & hybrids, EMI filters, magnetics & components, power products, sensors, secure systems, engineered solutions, and electronics manufacturing services. The president and chief executive officer is Bel Lazar and the executive vice president is Phil Rehkemper.

For the RF & microwave products, the company designs, develops, and manufacturers a wide variety of RF, microwave and millimeter wave components and systems. They are a leading provider of phrased array products covering S, C, X, and Ku Band that provide bespoke technology and partnering for high performance solutions. API produces the smallest package possible, and offers both thick and thin film hybrid circuits for space, military, and industrial applications. The electromagnetic integrated solutions offers products that are used in military/ aerospace applications such as weapons guidance systems, missile defense, secure communications, aircraft and military vehicles as well as telecommunications applications including base stations, switch equipment, GPS, and optical networks. The power and system solutions offers products for commercial and defense customer’s superior power, reliability and energy efficiency. API Electronic is a leading manufacturer of AC and DC power distribution products as well as circuit protection systems, rectifiers and award-winning Explosive Ordnance Disposal products. The secure systems & information assurance group offers the company a leading provider of secure systems used by global governments, defense agencies, and enterprise customers worldwide.


November 30, 2021
September 8, 2016
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