US Air Force Seek To Enhance UAV’s For Optimal Performance

The US Air Force is one of the US’ most esteemed military organizations that require the most advanced and innovative technology for aerial surveillance. Along with surveillance and fighter aircrafts, the Air Force is equipped the best equipment there is to be found on the market.

Officials from the Management Center at Wright Patterson Air Force Base near Fairborn, Ohio have stated that they have come to an understanding with Raytheon Space and its Airborne Systems segment. Both entities have agreed upon the modification of the Enhanced Integrated Sensor Suite (EISS). Along with the modification of the (EISS) , Raytheon will be given the opportunity to modify the Enhanced Electro Optical Receiver unit (EERU ) Retrofit. The Air Force has agreed on a 25.9 million dollar contract for these modifications but is planning to spend a total of 3.2 billion for Global Hawk avionics upgrades over the 10 years.

The (EISS) is what allows for the Block 30 Global Hawk to have pin point surveillance with their aircraft sensor parts. . It can be used from 60,000 ft of altitude with night vision capabilities. Many components make up the EISS such as: the Synthetic aperture radar (SAR), ground moving target indicator (GMTI) , a high resolution electro-optical (EO) , digital camera and Infrared sensor (IR ). All of these components are joined together with a compatible signal processor that works as an airborne computer. One of the most important internal components that the EISS is made up of is the EERU.

The EERU is one of the internal modular components that can be easily replaced within the EISS. With the replacement of the EERU there must be other components to be replaced us as the Enhanced Sensor Electronics Unit (ESEU) and the Enhanced Integrated Sensor Processor ( EISP).

The EISS works with maximum precision which allows it to detect items immediately and efficiently. These capabilities that the EISS has, enables for the Air Force to send operators to a location for missions and surveillance.


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