Saab and Polish Naval Shipyard Partner for Orka Submarine

Defense and security company Saab has recently signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) with the Naval Shipyard S.A. in Gdynia, Poland. The new contract lays the groundwork for a close cooperation to jointly provide naval solutions for the Polish Navy’s Orka submarine program under the order of the Polish Ministry of National Defence. The Orka submarine project will see the construction of several new classes of ships, as well as plans to obtain three submarines. The new submarines will replace the Polish Navy’s aging fleet of Kobben-class boats and single Project 877E submarine ORP Orzel.

As for Saab’s contributions to the project, they will supply RBS15Mk3 missiles and Sea Giraffe radars for the Polish Navy’s fast attack vessels. This will provide the Polish Navy with an effective long-strike capability for both land and sea engagements. Additionally, Saab’s Double Eagle MCM system was recently chosen for the Polish Navy’s newly built mine hunting ship, the Kormoran II.

Saab is looking forward to their new agreement with the Polish Navy, with Saab’s Poland Country Manager Jason Howard stating,

Establishing strong local partnerships is a cornerstone of our business approach. We welcome this agreement and believe it is a milestone in our efforts to offer support to the Polish Orka future submarine program. For Saab, cooperation with local partners ensures that the delivery of our solutions produces benefits for our clients and, importantly, that the transfer of know-how involves local industry.

Howard went on to explain,

The Polish Navy is engaged in a serious modernization effort, which includes the construction of several new classes of ships, and plans for the country to obtain three submarines. Saab’s surface and underwater solutions can cater to these needs. We have a unique competence and see Poland as an important customer.

All in all, the Orka project will support Saab and the Naval Shipyard S.A. in Gdynia Poland for years to come.

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