Raytheon – Guiding the Way in Missile Technology

Raytheon was founded in Lexington Massachusetts in 1922 under the name American Appliance Company. It was not until 1959 that the company was renamed Raytheon.In 1922 they revolutionized the radio by inventing the S gas rectifier tube. This tube allowed radios to draw power from the wall socket instead of an expensive battery. The new technology revolutionized the radio into an affordable home appliance. The same technology was eventually used to power radars for the U.S. and British armies in World War II. Today Raytheon has grown into the fifth largest defense contractor in the world and the world’s largest producer of guided missiles. Roughly 90% of Raytheon’s total revenues came from defense contracts. Worldwide the company has about 63,000 employees and annual revenues of nearly $25 billion.The Raytheon Company is divided into four major divisions: Integrated Defense Systems, Intelligence and Information Services, Missile Systems, and Space and Airborne Systems.

The company has identified four markets that they will focus on. They are Homeland Security, Missile Defense, Precision Engagement, and ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance). The Integrated Defense Systems division specializes in missile defense, land and sea radars, and command and control systems. One such system, the Patriot missile defense system, is used in 12 different countries. This year a Raytheon built Standard Missile – 3 Block IB broke the record for highest target hit. Although the specifics behind the mission our classified the new record shatters the record set when a modified SM-3 non-functioning satellite containing toxic fuel slipped out of orbit and was shot down. The new SM-3 variation has successfully flown five back-to-back test flights. The program has made 26 successful interceptions.

The Intelligence and Information Services division provides cybersecurity products to government and civilian customers. As the world’s largest manufacturer of missiles Raytheon provides defensive and offensive weapons for the air, land, sea and space. Incorporating satellite navigation, laser guidance, and high definition radars, Raytheon’s precision targeting missiles can take out a precise target. The last division of Raytheon is the Space and Airborne Systems Division. This division builds radars and sensors for ships, spacecraft, and aircraft. Just NSN Parts (a proprietary website of ASAP Semiconductor) specializes in distributing parts for all your aviation and military needs, including parts required for products by Raytheon Company and all its subsidiaries. Please look through our military-specific website Just-NSN parts (www.justnsnparts.com) to browse our selection or contact us at sales@justnsnparts.com for more information or a quote.


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