Boeing Launches New Exchange Program

This February Boeing announced the launch of a new program titled the Nacelle and Flight Control Surface Exchange Program. Boeing already has a good track record with exchange programs and this only reinforces why boeing is a leader in the aviation industry. Boeing will offer airlines an efficient and cost effective solution with this new exchange program. Customers that are part of it will be provided with the ability to exchange nacelle and flight control surface parts that need repair or overhaul. The parts will be taken from a certified pool of parts that Boeing has in their global network. This will eliminate customer costs associated with contracting, scheduling, managing, owning or leasing parts.

Lynne Hopper, the vice president of Parts Solution stated how this new program is intended to meet the needs of customer that need more flexibility. This, while maintaining the high quality products, and creating a new procurement approach that ranges from the ownership to leasing to exchanging parts. The parts that will be distributed through the program will include all Boeing models. Each will be updated to the latest configurations that meet quality standards. Parts will also incorporate all service bulletins and airworthiness directives that apply to them.

Perhaps the most convenient benefit is that customers will not have to take a plane out of service twice, as is the case when leasing a part because it requires both removal and installation. With the exchange program, customers will only need to take an airplane out of service once and reduce the amount of maintenance needed. Boeing stocks over 400,000part numbers and ships 10,000 parts daily. It is a global leader, as it offers customers more than just parts. It also provides services that range from engineering support to data analytics to retrofits and modifications. What they provide for customers showcases just how much they care about their customer needs and proves why they are an aviation leader.


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