Altera Corporation: Integrated Circuits for Extreme Environments

Altera Corporation was founded in 1983 and is headquartered in San Jose, California. The company’s annual revenue in 2013 was $1.7 billion and they employ over 3,000 people across 20 countries. Altera specializes in programmable logic devices (PLDs) or integrated circuits manufactured without an embedded function.One reason why Altera is distinct in the FPGA market is its range of products specifically developed to meet the needs of the aerospace and military markets. Altera boasts the capability to provide high-performing digital signal processing (DSP) chains within a reasonable SWaP (size, weight, and power). Their FPGAs feature enhanced off-the-shelf silicon with high tolerance to humidity, shock, and vibration, as well as ‘military temperature range qualified’ devices (i.e. viable in extreme temperatures ranging from -55 degree Celsius to 125 degree Celsius). Their military grade field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) include the Arria 10, Stratix V, Stratix IV, and Stratix III families.

The Arria 10 line is the only FPGA product which has integrated, hardened, IEEE 754-compliant (compliant with the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers’ technical standard for floating-point computation), floating-point operators. These operators boast the highest GFLOPS per WATT performance compared to competing hard floating point solutions. This technology supports many military and aerospace applications including: real-time tactics, wide-view satellite survey platforms, ground-based and airborne phased-array radars, and directional antennas. Additionally, the Arria 10 system-on-chip (ICs with computer components such as digital, analog, mixed-signal, or radio frequency integrated onto a single substrate) products are the only 20 nm devices with integrated ARM processors.

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