What Are Shaft Grounding Devices?

Motor shaft voltages can cause damage to the components around them. For instance, if a shaft’s voltage surpasses the insulation capabilities of nearby cables or parts, this can result in both acute and long-term damage to the motor bearings. High voltages may even lead to arcing between the shaft and the bearing which can increase the temperature of the bearing. Metal bearings, in particular, can vaporize and become permanently damaged or pitted from this process.

Generally, high shaft voltages can occur for numerous reasons. In most cases, they can be attributed to leakages or induction. However, some external sources may also have an influence, including rubber belts generating friction against drive pulleys and other machines in the area. Furthermore, AC and DC motors with variable frequency drives (VFDs) can produce induced electrical currents on the motor shaft. Luckily, these currents can be prevented with shaft grounding devices.

Shaft grounding devices are specially designed components that help prevent bearing damages in the event of shaft voltage spikes. If shaft voltages are not handled promptly, companies often spend extra time and money on repairs and replacements. As such, shaft grounding devices mitigate harmful shaft currents from ruining valuable machinery. Grounding itself provides a low-impedance path for excess shaft voltage to make its way through, preventing currents from building up gradually over time.

Currently, Helwig Carbon shaft-mounted grounding devices are most common for their low price points and their incredible ability to protect bearings from electrical discharge. For example, AC systems with VFD control and DC motors with PWM drives benefit from this added security. These devices provide the lowest path to the ground for the means of electrical discharge. More than that, Helwig Carbon shaft-mounted grounding devices offer incomparable bearing protection and prevent overall failure. That being said, they are ideal for countless applications, including the following:

?        HVAC units

?        Pump motors

?        Fans

?        Compressors

?        Elevators

?        Conveyors

Installing a shaft grounding device is usually an economical decision that serves as proactive risk management and prevention, allowing companies to dodge costly repairs. For this reason, they are used in many industry verticals including marine, manufacturing, industrial, and HVAC applications. Additionally, they often outlast the service lives of the units they are installed in, regardless of the operating environment in which they are found. Lastly, shaft grounding devices are also easy to install and maintain, making them a go-to choice for many.

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December 20, 2022
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