Martin Baker Enhances Its Ejection Seat for Less Injury over All Possibility

The Ejection seat manufacturer known as Martin Baker retests their ejection seats to decrease injury in users.  The F-35 ejection seat model has caused many injuries due to the seat rotation while ejecting from the aircraft.  This problem is being addressed and changes in regulations are being imposed to users such as light weight pilots. During low speed ejections light weight pilots around 136 lbs have been banned from flying the stealth jet over all. Baker has begun tests on its chairs and is 2/3rds complete with their final process of repairing.

                 Fortunately, they have discovered what the overall issue has been throughout the whole ejecting process. One of the other issues beside the rotation of the seat has been the helmet being too heavy for the pilot. By reducing the weight of the helmet by 6 ounces it allows the pilot to maneuver their head more upon impact of the air bags and decrease neck injury.

Among major issues that were addressed were adding adjustments to the seat by filling the empty slot between the rises as the seat operates preventing the pilots head from moving far back.

                A solution has been released for light weight pilots providing a switch before operating which modifies the parachute. This switch delays the parachute by milliseconds allowing the drogue and seat to slow down.

Martin Baker ejection seat manufacturer has practiced a total of 14 tests with 14 different weight mannequins for better realistic results. Baker almost complete its full procedure over all. It has been said to complete their fixes and be qualified later on this year.

Baker takes pride in their accomplishments and what their seats do for pilots all over the world.” Martin Baker is close to saving the 7,500th pilot’s life with its seats. The total of 3,492 were in the U.S. military out of 7,497 successful ejection events have been notified to the company.

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December 20, 2022
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