Alumal By Coventya – An Aluminum Product Range

Coventya, most famously known as a global supplier to the surface finishing industry since the late 1920s recently introduced ALUMAL. Alumal is a long product range for aluminum, covering all functional, decorative and corrosion resistant requirements.

Since 2017, Coventya has been the majority shareholder of Politeknik Metal, a well known leader in the industry of aluminum finishing. The merger allowed for Alumal to emerge. The products from this line has evolved with the full consideration of customers’ challenges they face daily: substrate quality, several finishing requirements, cost, along with issues in regard to safety and the environment.

Alumal has gained the approval of different industries, with new ones being added each year. Among these companies are Safran, Volkswagen, Airbus Helicopter, Dhollandia, and Tesla. There are many different products from this line. Alumal Clean is an alkaline cleaner that is neutral or acidic and removes oils or soil effectively. Alumal Etch involves additives so that alkaline or acid etching lasts long term and delivers a flaw free surface or a matte finish. Alumal Deox uses a neutralizing process to deoxidize and efficiently remove smut caused by alloying elements. Alumal Seal uses nickel-based processes to create high equality sealing that is suitable for parts that are colored or clear.

Among the architectural industry, the approval of Qualicoat and Qualando assert the higher performance of Coventya products. With a commitment and goal to serve the aluminum industry, Coventya has partnered with several key associations which include ESTAL, AYID, ADAL and more.

Through the combined investments in the best laboratories, a team of dedicated researchers along with an unmatched material science, Coventya has rapidly gained the attention of the aluminum finishing industry with the company’s fresh and high performing finishes. With many different manufacturing sites and an active team with experience out in the field, Coventya is set on changing the way aluminum is seen by the world.


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