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Just NSN Parts, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, supplies various Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation (CAGE Code 0DX76, 1YR77, 4KT68) manufacturer parts like 34496, 06327 02035 046, 65211-06004-179, 65901-03010-041, S6140-61404-5. You can type in the NSN such as 5365012213132, 4710016675660, 1680016192379, 5998001878915, 4710008955000 into our user-friendly search engine to find the exact part you need from Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation. Each and every part is cross-referenced, and quality assured to ensure our customers only receive premium products from the manufacturer Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation. We are AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015 certified and FAA AC 0056B accredited.

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Part No NSN Item Name Contract No QTY RFQ
34496 5365-01-221-3132 ring externally threaded NA Avl RFQ
06327 02035 046 4710-01-667-5660 tube assembly metal NA Avl RFQ
65211-06004-179 1680-01-619-2379 strap special NA Avl RFQ
65901-03010-041 5998-00-187-8915 circuit card assembly NA Avl RFQ
S6140-61404-5 4710-00-895-5000 tube assembly stick DLA70091M7815MODF0001 Avl RFQ
61200-65243-102 5365-00-514-3071 spacer plate NA Avl RFQ
70212-01001 1560-01-651-0180 stiffener aircraft NA Avl RFQ
65752-09001-101 1680-00-071-9039 plate armor gearbox NA Avl RFQ
S6135-20719-002 1615-00-289-9985 shield assembly NA Avl RFQ
70219-04400-043 1560-01-649-2775 channel aircraft NA Avl RFQ
65122-010-5-105 1560-01-613-0415 liner aircraft NA Avl RFQ
65901-02807-042 5340-00-439-7814 bracket angle DAAJ0993G0017TZXX0001 Avl RFQ
70500-03011-041 5340-01-573-0380 bracket mounting NA Avl RFQ
S12-50-4028REVE 5120-00-449-3952 wrench spanner NA Avl RFQ
70205-25002-048 1560-01-378-5094 fairing aircraft SPM4AX12D940265RX Avl RFQ
92080-20299-041 1560-01-665-9157 window panel aircraft NA Avl RFQ
S6152-61103-032 1560-01-506-6909 stiffener aircraft NA Avl RFQ
S7081-30001 4710-01-497-5826 tube assembly metal NA Avl RFQ
S6137-23103-9 4710-00-488-4469 tube nonmetallic NA Avl RFQ
S6132-61003-007 2995-00-939-8629 handle assembly NA Avl RFQ
70351-08076-101 1615-01-090-5944 shim housing gearbo NA Avl RFQ
70219-42405-043 1560-01-240-1560 fitting assembly beam NA Avl RFQ
78850-02801-104 1680-01-692-3590 litter,special NA Avl RFQ
65403-00112-043 4010-00-941-3153 wire rope assembly single leg SP049000MHH78MODF0001 Avl RFQ
70500-82220-129 5330-01-370-6976 seal nonmetallic strip NA Avl RFQ
70550-21900-118 1680-01-393-6859 panel indicator NA Avl RFQ
58117-1 1650-00-021-4057 core solenoid NA Avl RFQ
S14-40-2157 5310-00-546-5677 washer recessed NA Avl RFQ
S6135 66634 3130-00-700-3802 liner bearing housing NA Avl RFQ
65850-05185-058 1560-01-398-2641 roller support assembly NA Avl RFQ
70212-02514-128 1560-01-703-3386 support,structural component,air NA Avl RFQ
70400-02300-050 1615-01-411-6555 mixer assembly control NA Avl RFQ
SS52E1300Z1620 5365-01-150-6102 shim NA Avl RFQ
SS42-01A096000 4720-00-066-8973 hose assembly nonme NA Avl RFQ
70219-04600-109 1560-01-691-5800 bracket,structural component,air NA Avl RFQ
SS4039-5-6 1680-01-502-0477 pin dowel aircraft NA Avl RFQ
70400-02208-101 3040-01-537-3288 connecting link rigid NA Avl RFQ
70102-28016-045T037- 4920-01-333-7459 fixture aircraft ma NA Avl RFQ
70551-01004-046 5340-01-319-2412 bracket mounting N0038388GK302TZHT0001 Avl RFQ
SS27576-4-06 5306-01-461-4216 bolt machine NA Avl RFQ
64720-35516-041 5120-01-029-4876 wrench NA Avl RFQ
70351-08105-102 5365-01-094-5810 spacer ring NA Avl RFQ
70400-02213-102 5365-01-097-5209 spacer ring NA Avl RFQ
70070-30316-011 2835-01-536-0539 filter system auxiliary power un NA Avl RFQ
70400-03610 1560-01-650-9671 bracket structural NA Avl RFQ
70073-30004-011 1560-01-346-1781 modification kit airframe NA Avl RFQ
SS9019-2353 9905-01-060-5828 plate identification NA Avl RFQ
70700-77524-101 4920-01-360-3486 ball clamp NA Avl RFQ
70307-83019-120 1560-01-290-3635 support structural component air NA Avl RFQ
70307 82405 142 4710-01-555-1555 tube assembly metal NA Avl RFQ
70500-02029-101 5330-01-551-9505 gasket NA Avl RFQ
65202-08025-102 1560-00-915-6815 mooring fitting NA Avl RFQ
18050-0001 6625-01-475-7562 digital control dis NA Avl RFQ
70211-04803 1560-01-649-2627 aircraft structural component support NA Avl RFQ
65307-03024-046 4710-01-017-5501 tube assembly metal NA Avl RFQ
X0606-00858-101 5365-01-706-5467 shim NA Avl RFQ
65902-01006-046 6615-00-062-0544 wheel assembly auto N0038397G012NZ6LC0001AA Avl RFQ
S6120-60704-19 1680-01-275-6018 fitting assembly seat DLA40089ME818MODF0001 Avl RFQ
65407-06060-102 1680-00-472-2657 fitting shaft boom NA Avl RFQ
SS40C7A514000 4720-00-761-1646 hose assembly nonme NA Avl RFQ
70201-06160-101 1560-01-650-9127 former aircraft NA Avl RFQ
65303-03020-081 1560-00-915-7281 pipe exhaust NA Avl RFQ
S6152-62471-5 1560-00-480-3531 duct assembly heating cabin NA Avl RFQ
S6130-63079-2 6680-00-942-1490 transmitter liquid NA Avl RFQ
SS5086C07 5310-01-667-2303 nut NA Avl RFQ
SB2180-101 3110-01-700-7489 bearing,roller,cylindrical NA Avl RFQ
70217-01000-057 1560-01-136-2122 hinge support SPM4A712M4639 Avl RFQ
65207-10014-104 1560-01-649-5811 web structural comp NA Avl RFQ
SS1058A5-25-10 5315-01-325-8520 key machine NA Avl RFQ
6435-20032-100 3130-00-982-9984 liner bearing housing NA Avl RFQ

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