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Cage Code 01PJ3, 9E579, 18660, 5B017, 55654, 0EP81, 2D898, F9865, 055R0, 28480, 51174, Z8H24, 2G340, 3Y8S7, 1BZT9, 0F0K6, 50444, 52620, 0DR31, C4203, 0C6F3, C1904, 58228, 0RJM3, 56283, 62751, 58229, 98220, 0KE38, 0NYV8, 8A419, ZBG55, 06JF8, 06PK3, 3EVT6, 56286, 1Y698, 7X010, 98734, 72237, 50436, U6490, 1NRU7, 3B228, 1Z789, 57380, 54893, 006R1, ZD099, 3AF03, A4944, 7B732, 1X966, 1HUG3, 5H560, 8D801, 0CF90, 9E825, 1F163, 00MC2, 57381


The world's largest technology company, their Global Citizenship program covers an extensive outline, including environment, governance, and society. Across HP, they conduct investigation and expansion on the products and solutions from ink cartridges to data centres that consume less energy and use more ecological materials, and can easily recycle as compare to the prior generation of HP products. HP collaborates with their business associates and sellers to understand, reduce, and report the environmental impact of product manufacturing. CEO Meg Whitman continues to drive product innovation in their core markets, with a focus on security, cloud, and big data. She sees big opportunities ahead, and are well positioned to take advantage of the opportunities with their remarkable set of assets and strengths.

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