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Detroit Switch Inc - NSN Components List

CAGE Code: 51171, 19278,

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Part No RFQ
25030061 RFQ
222-10NN-2223982 RFQ
222-10NLM-2223787 RFQ
222-10NL-2222658 RFQ
222-10NL2221642 RFQ
222-10NL2222438 RFQ
222-10NL-2222196 RFQ
222267-NL RFQ
222-10NL2221636 RFQ
222-10NN-2224044 RFQ
222-10NL-22933 RFQ
2221177 RFQ
222-10NL-2223417 RFQ
2221161 RFQ
222-10NL-2222847 RFQ
2223671 RFQ
222-10NN-2223928 RFQ
222-10NN-2223930 RFQ
222-1460NN RFQ
222-32NH1-2223384 RFQ
223CL223553 RFQ
222-10NL2222261 RFQ
222-10NN-2223407 RFQ
444-10EL-444083 RFQ
025-28019-000 RFQ
222-10NN2221587 RFQ
222-10NN2221653 RFQ
222-10NN-2223732 RFQ
2222176NL RFQ
2504150RN RFQ
2221690 RFQ
222-10NL-2221117 RFQ
222-10NN-2223600 RFQ
222-1642-NL RFQ
222-10NL2222271 RFQ
222-10NL2221246 RFQ
TS1674PC19 RFQ
222-10NL222-2259X RFQ
19-80-1327 RFQ
222-10NL2222557 RFQ
222-32NL1-2222627 RFQ
222-10NN2221161 RFQ
TS1647PC30 RFQ
2221474 RFQ
TS1674PC24 RFQ
222-10NN2221374 RFQ
250RN2504066 RFQ
222-10NL-2223148 RFQ
221-2PD22100-1 RFQ
222-10NNM2221248 RFQ
222-10NL-2222467 RFQ
222-10NL-2222810 RFQ
222-10NL-2222381 RFQ
222-10NB3-2221584 RFQ
222-10NL-2221119 RFQ
222-10NL2222542 RFQ
222-10NL2221879 RFQ
222-10NLM2222208 RFQ
222-10NL8145603 RFQ
TS-1420222-10NLX2221 RFQ
X23180 RFQ
222-10NN2221442 RFQ
222-10NL RFQ
220620 RFQ
222-10NH2-222317 RFQ
222-32NL1-2221409 RFQ
2221119 RFQ
X2221097 RFQ
222-1076NL-140 TO 21 RFQ
220-10NNM2221014 RFQ
222-10NL-2223836 RFQ
222-10NL-2224009(59. RFQ
222-10NH1-2222925 RFQ
222-10NNM-2224025 RFQ
2221598 RFQ
222-10NNM-2223620 RFQ
22100-2PD-22100-5 RFQ
222-10NN-2223991 RFQ
44410EL444182 RFQ
22210NL2224009 RFQ
X23017 RFQ
222-10NN-2223927 RFQ
222-10NN-2223929 RFQ
222-10NL-2223933 RFQ
222-10NL2222053 RFQ
222-10NL2223816CRES RFQ
222-10NL-2223816 RFQ
222-32NL1-2223736 RFQ
2223736 NL-1 RFQ
222-10NL2222051 RFQ
222-2062-NHZ RFQ
22-10NL2221937 RFQ
222-10NN2223931 RFQ
222-10NL2221247 RFQ
222-10NL2221099 RFQ
222-10NL-2221149 RFQ
222-32NL1-2221413 RFQ
222-10NLM2221598 RFQ
444-10NLM-444108 RFQ
222-10NL-2221590 RFQ
222-10NLX222311 RFQ
222-10NL-2221483 RFQ
250RL2503540 RFQ
2504210RLWITH2505244 RFQ
444-10EL-444107 RFQ
444-10EL-44107 RFQ
22210NLM2223684 RFQ
222-10NN2221016 RFQ
2221434 RFQ
222-10NLM-2223314 RFQ
222-10-NN2221462 RFQ
222-32-NH2-2223773 RFQ
2222324 RFQ
222-10NL-2223351 RFQ
222-10NL2221991 RFQ
222-32NH1-2222700 RFQ
444076NN RFQ
250RL2504805 RFQ
2231114CH-1193-197DE RFQ
222-10NL-222933 RFQ
221-2PD22100 RFQ
222-10NLM2221308 RFQ
222-32NL1-2223037 RFQ
222326 RFQ
222-10NNM2223121 RFQ
222-10NH2-2223827 RFQ
222-10NL-2223711 RFQ
37-2270-025 RFQ
222-10NN2221070 RFQ
2221309NL RFQ
444-10EL-444086 RFQ
444-32NL1-444014 RFQ
TS-2060 RFQ
222-32NL1-2223330 RFQ
222-10NN-2221301 RFQ
222-10NH-2223985 RFQ
444-10EL-444041 RFQ
222-10NNM2221262 RFQ
222-10NLM-2221539 RFQ
2221581 RFQ
TS1674PC33 RFQ
222-10NL2221082 RFQ
222-2852NNM RFQ
2222491 RFQ
2231114CH-1(203-207D RFQ
222-10NNM-2224023 RFQ
444-10H1-444060 RFQ
444-133 RFQ
444072NN RFQ
222-10NL-2223675 RFQ
4502257ZT2N RFQ
4502256ZT2N 40 FT CA RFQ
222-32-NL1-2223578 RFQ
222-347NL RFQ
2221352 RFQ
222-32NL1-2223405 RFQ
222-32NL-2222372 RFQ
222-32NH1-2223748 RFQ
222-10NN-2222707 RFQ
222-10NL-2221181 RFQ
222-10NN-2221522 RFQ
222-10NNM-2221375 RFQ
222-10NL-2223057 RFQ
250RL2504935 RFQ
222-10NH1-2221484 RFQ
444-10NL-444079 RFQ
222-10NH2-2223362 RFQ
222-10NL-2223674 RFQ
222-32NL1-2223138 RFQ
222-32NH1-2223739 RFQ
2223482 RFQ
222-10NL-2223480 RFQ
90C01-6663 RFQ
514-00312-99 RFQ
222-10NNM2221318 RFQ
444-10EN-444053 RFQ
444-10NN-444075 RFQ
222-3412NL-1 RFQ
11914504 RFQ
222-10NL-2223452 RFQ
222-10NH2-2223264 RFQ
222-10NN-2222143 RFQ
222-10NL-2221292 RFQ
222-10NN2223267 RFQ
223CL223846 RFQ
222-10NL-2223233 RFQ
222-10NL-2223232 RFQ
222-32NL1-2223234 RFQ
222-10NL-2222843 RFQ
223CL223994 RFQ
223994CL RFQ
222-1937 RFQ
222-32NLM-2222926 RFQ
4B6L42E10B RFQ
222-10NL-2221116 RFQ
222-10NH2-2221572 RFQ
222-10NN-2221069 RFQ
222-10NL-2222630 RFQ
222-2381NL RFQ
223-595CT2L RFQ
222-10NNM-2221369 RFQ
222-10NN-2222485 RFQ
222-10NH1-2222461 RFQ
222-10NH1-2222459 RFQ
22100-2PD RFQ
221-2PD22100 RFQ
222-10NL2221752 RFQ
222-10NL2221679 RFQ
222-10NH1-2221053 RFQ
222-10NH1 RFQ
222-10NLM2221913 RFQ
222-10NL2221631 RFQ
222-10NL-2221191 RFQ
250WTRN2504231 RFQ
222-10NL2221090 RFQ
222-10NN222-1642 RFQ
2221541 RFQ
2378CN RFQ
222-10NN2221589 RFQ
2221497 RFQ
222-10NH1-2221053 RFQ
222-10NH2-22213557 RFQ
2221357 RFQ
222-10NL2222020 RFQ
222-10NNM-223121 RFQ
222-32NL1-2223116 RFQ
250RN2505202 RFQ
222-10NL2221532 RFQ
TS-1420UNIT2221075NL RFQ
222-10NL1-2223138 RFQ
222-10NL-2223306 RFQ
222-3306NL RFQ
222-1091NL RFQ
222-10NL2221091 RFQ
444079NLM RFQ
250WTRN2504101 RFQ
222-10NL-2223968 RFQ
222-10NL-2223969 RFQ
222-10NNA222-1531 RFQ
2221661NH1 RFQ
222-10NH1-2221661 RFQ
2221661 RFQ
395-206-001 RFQ
222-10NL2221265 RFQ
222-10NN2221463 RFQ
2504604RN RFQ
250RN2504604 RFQ
222-10NL2221084 RFQ
2222401 RFQ
222-10NL-2222401 RFQ
2222271 RFQ
2221181NL RFQ
2222062 RFQ
222-10NL2221511 RFQ
222-10NL2221711 RFQ
222-10NL2221441 RFQ
222-10NN-2221316 RFQ
222-10NL2222053 RFQ
222-32NH2-2223823 RFQ
222-32NNM2222914 RFQ
222-10NL-2223746 RFQ
4502257ZT2N-5T7DEG 4 RFQ
2223480 RFQ
222-3351NL RFQ
444-10NN-444073 RFQ
444-10NN-444074 RFQ
222-32NH1-2223782 RFQ
222-3578-NL RFQ
222-10NL-2223629 RFQ
222-10NN-2221874 RFQ
222-32NH2-2223423 RFQ
222-10NNM-2223228 RFQ
450FLMX22383 RFQ
222-10NN2221011 RFQ
2222926NLM RFQ
2222381 RFQ
222-10NNM2221900 RFQ
222-10NH2-2221083 RFQ
220-10NL22075 RFQ
222-10NL2221433 RFQ
222-10NLM2222214 RFQ
222-10NNM2221027 RFQ
222-10NN2221459 RFQ
2505244AND2504101RN RFQ
2504620 RFQ
222-10NH1-2222308 RFQ
222-10NL-2222109 RFQ
222-10NL-2222808 RFQ
TS1420 RFQ
222-10NH2-2222977 RFQ
2231025CL RFQ
222-10NN2221461 RFQ
2222289 RFQ
222-10NM2221564 RFQ
222-32NN-2222373 RFQ
222-10NL2221447 RFQ
S6202-3201499 RFQ
222-32NH1-2224017 RFQ
222-10NL-2224009(41. RFQ
222-10NH2-2222307 RFQ
222-10NNM-2221791 RFQ
222-10NLM-2223860 RFQ
2PD-22100-5 RFQ
TS-1184-1383 RFQ
222-10NN-2223720 RFQ
222-10NH2-2223970 RFQ
222-10NNM-2221469 RFQ
222-32NL-12223663 RFQ
222-10NH1-2223631 RFQ
4502256ZT2N RFQ
444075NN RFQ
16113047 RFQ
222-10NL-2223562 RFQ
222-10NLM-2223484 RFQ
220-10NL-222345 RFQ
025-14705 RFQ
222-10HN2-2223264 RFQ
NH2-222-3264 RFQ
222-10NLM-2223679 RFQ
222-32NL1-2223400 RFQ
222-10NL-2223309 RFQ
444-32NL1-444028 RFQ
222-32NH1-2223105 RFQ
222-10NNM-2223348 RFQ
2504090RN25 RFQ
222-3104-NH-2 RFQ
NH2-22-3104 RFQ
222-10NL-2222058 RFQ
222-10NL-2221525 RFQ
222-10NN-2223004 RFQ
222-32NL1-2222629 RFQ
222-10NL-2221533 RFQ
222-2843NL RFQ
2222291 RFQ
222-10NLM2222291 RFQ
MC5008D313 RFQ
222-10NN2221670 RFQ
2221746 RFQ
2221473NL RFQ
222-10NH1-2221690 RFQ
2222854NL RFQ
222-10NL2222259 RFQ
10NN222-1459 RFQ
222-10NL2221054 RFQ
222-10NN-2221581 RFQ
222-10NN2221200 RFQ
222-10NH2-2221497 RFQ
222-10NLX2221222 RFQ
222-10NN2221230 RFQ
222-10NL2221048 RFQ
222-10NL2221074 RFQ
222-10NN2221071 RFQ
222-10NN2221037 RFQ
2221676NH-1 RFQ
222-10NLM2221012 RFQ
222-10NL-2222941 RFQ
222-10NLM2221848 RFQ
222-10NL2221020 RFQ
222-32NL2222372 RFQ
TS1674PC41 RFQ
222-10NL2221359 RFQ
222-10NL2221345 RFQ
22265 RFQ
222-10NNM2221014 RFQ
X23102 RFQ
222-10NL2221072 RFQ
2221531 RFQ
2222-NH1 RFQ
2222729NL RFQ
222-10NN-2222474 RFQ
222-10NL-2222417 RFQ
222-10NNM2222900 RFQ
222-10NH1-2222538 RFQ
222-10NL-2222504 RFQ
222-10NL2221152 RFQ
222-10NL2221096 RFQ
025-24168AVM RFQ
222-10H1-2223161 RFQ
222-10NL-2221034 RFQ
TS1664PC29 RFQ
222-10NN-22221212 RFQ
222-3139 NH1 RFQ
222-10NH1-2223139 RFQ
222-10NN-2221332 RFQ
222-10NL-2222468 RFQ
222-10NLM-2222468 RFQ
222-10NL-2221069 RFQ
222-10NH2-2222062 RFQ
222-2062-NH2 RFQ
222-10NN2221460 RFQ
222-10NN2221029 RFQ
222-10-NH2-1564 RFQ
222-10NLM2221013 RFQ
222-10NL2221507 RFQ
TS1184-575PCX2221507 RFQ
222-10NL222497 RFQ
222-10NL2221073 RFQ
222-10NL2221036 RFQ
222-10NL2221066 RFQ
222-10NL-2221378 RFQ
222-32NH1-2223304 RFQ
222-32NL1-2223055 RFQ
222-32NL1-2222725 RFQ
2231114CH-1203-207DE RFQ
222-32NH2-2222324 RFQ
222-10NL-2221076 RFQ
220-10NNMX23121 RFQ
444-32NLM-444014 RFQ
222-10NNM-2223999 RFQ
222-10NNM-2223599 RFQ
222-10NH-2222925 RFQ
222-10NNM-2223837 RFQ
222-10NL-2222740 RFQ
222-10NL2221598 RFQ
220-10NNMX23017 RFQ
TS1420 RFQ
222-10NH1-2222284 RFQ
2222284 RFQ
444-10NL-444125 RFQ
2223367NNM RFQ
2221460 RFQ
222-2615NL RFQ
TS-1420(222-10NLX222 RFQ
222-10NH-2223638 RFQ
222-10NN2222491 RFQ
222-10NH1-2223721 RFQ
222-10NL2221119 RFQ
2223753 RFQ
222-10NL-2223753 RFQ
222-10NN-2221460 RFQ
222-10NN-2223613 RFQ
222-10NN-2221398 RFQ
222-10NL2222176 RFQ
2221072NL RFQ
TS-1184-1258 RFQ
222-10NLM-2222385 RFQ
222-10NL-2221128 RFQ
444-10NL-444087 RFQ
444073NN RFQ
4444072NN RFQ
2223746 RFQ
444-32EL1-444065 RFQ
444086 EL RFQ
222-32NL1-2223645 RFQ
TS-1184-570IT2 RFQ
222-10NL2221075 RFQ
222-10NN2223301 RFQ
222-32NH1-2223395 RFQ
222-10NNM-2222539 RFQ
222-10NNM-2223369 RFQ
222-10NB4-2222837 RFQ
222-10NL-2222837 RFQ
222-32NL1-2223212 RFQ
222-32NH1-2223212 RFQ
222-10NL-2223131 RFQ
2504090RN RFQ
222 32 NH2 150-250 RFQ
223CL223401 RFQ
223846 RFQ
2221034 RFQ
444-10NN-444072 RFQ
222-10NN-2223177 RFQ
222-32NH-2222373 RFQ
222-10NL-2222469 RFQ
2222468NLM RFQ
222-3104 RFQ
NH2-222-3104 RFQ
222-10NL-2222237 RFQ
444-10ENM-444054 RFQ
222-10NNM-2221254 RFQ
300-111954-008 RFQ
025-20433 RFQ
222-10NL-2222724 RFQ
222-10NLM-2223727 RFQ
222-10NN-2222669 RFQ
222-10-NL-2223464 RFQ
222-10NN-2221038 RFQ
222-10NL-2221685 RFQ
222-3352NL RFQ
222-10NL-2223352 RFQ
2231390CN RFQ
2222316 RFQ
222-10NA1-2223330 RFQ
222-10NL-2222537 RFQ
222-10NL2222153 RFQ
TS-1617 RFQ
222-10NH1-2221654 RFQ
222-10NNM2221746 RFQ
222-32NL1-2222006 RFQ
222-10NL2221151 RFQ
222-10NL222267 RFQ
222-10NL-2221226 RFQ
222-10NH1-2221000 RFQ
222-321111-2222663 RFQ
222-32NL1-2222663 RFQ
222-10NH1-2222785 RFQ
2505683 RFQ
222-10NL2222735 RFQ
222-10NL-2222587 RFQ
222-10NN-2221212 RFQ
222-10NH1-2222451 RFQ
222-10NLM2222289 RFQ
73638-24X1PC117 RFQ
222-10NL2222817 RFQ
2221593 RFQ
222-32NL1-2222829 RFQ
222-10NN-2221153 RFQ
223-CL-223420 RFQ
450-2033ZT2L RFQ
X2221157 RFQ
222-10NL2221541 RFQ
X2201147 RFQ
X2201177 RFQ
2221129 RFQ
TS1184-575PCX2221508 RFQ
X2221507 RFQ
222-10NL2221508 RFQ
222-10NN2221330 RFQ
222-10NN2221671 RFQ
222-10NL2221481 RFQ
2222665NLM RFQ
222-10NLM2221043 RFQ
222-10NH2-2221564 RFQ
222-10NL2221112 RFQ
222-10NL2221117 RFQ
222-10NL222311 RFQ
222-32NL1-2222316 RFQ
2221265 RFQ
TS-1184-1350 RFQ
TS1184-1078 RFQ
220-10NL8145603 RFQ
222-10NLM-2222466 AN RFQ
2221539 RFQ
222-10NN2221458 RFQ
222-10NL-2222497 RFQ
222-1DNLM-2222466 AN RFQ
222-10NL2222530 RFQ
2221711 RFQ
2221158 RFQ
2504210RL2505244-566 RFQ
222-10NL2221315 RFQ
222NL2221128 RFQ
X22383 RFQ
222214 RFQ
2222214 RFQ
222-10NN2221213 RFQ
222-10L-2221177 RFQ
X24491 RFQ
44-10NN-444076 RFQ
222-10NH2-2223297 RFQ
444-10 RFQ
222-32-NL1-2223412 RFQ
222-32NH1-2223383 RFQ
222-10NH2-2221656 RFQ
4B1L04T10B RFQ
222-32NH1-2222394 RFQ
222-10NL2221490 RFQ
222-10X1L2221483 RFQ
222-10NL2221556 RFQ
2221524 RFQ
222-10NB3-2221640 RFQ
222-10NL2221222 RFQ
220-10NNMX23180 RFQ
X2221508 RFQ
222-10NH2-2222781 RFQ
222-10NL2221491 RFQ
222-10NL2222794 RFQ
222-10NN-2223990 RFQ
2221413 RFQ
222-1076NL-140 TO 21 RFQ
802458-0-01 RFQ
222-10NL2221473 RFQ
222-10NLX2221168 RFQ
222-10NLM2222209 RFQ
222-10NLM24978 RFQ
222-10NL2221594 RFQ
222-10NL-2223948 RFQ
222-10NNM-2224024 RFQ
444-32 NL 1 RFQ
222196ONL RFQ
222-10NL-2223932 RFQ
22210NL2224010 RFQ
222-32-HN2-2223773 RFQ
222-32NH1-2223783 RFQ
222-32NB3-2223772 RFQ
222-32NH1-2223760 RFQ
222-10-NL2222560 RFQ
222-10NLM-2223792 RFQ
444-10NN-444076 RFQ
222-10NH2-2222993 RFQ
222-10NH1-2223482 RFQ
222-10NLM-2223672 RFQ
222-10NL-2223672 RFQ
222-32NH1-2223590 RFQ
444-10EL-444035 RFQ
444074NN RFQ
222-32NL1-2222635 RFQ
2222446 RFQ
2223784 NN RFQ
222-10NN-2223784 RFQ
222-10NL-2223662 RFQ
222-10NH2-2223971 RFQ
222-20NB13-2223316 RFQ
4950P7009-3 RFQ
22232NB4-32.5 RFQ
444-32NB4-44057CL 19 RFQ
4950P7062-13 RFQ
444-32NB4-444057 RFQ
4950P7062-1 RFQ
222-32NB3-2223611 RFQ
220-10NC3-2201157 RFQ
2222327 RFQ
222-10-NB4-2221024 RFQ
222-3642-NL-1 RFQ
222-10NB25-2221388 RFQ
S6202-3207331 RFQ
222-32NB4-2222848 RFQ
222-3413-NL-1 RFQ
222-10NB3-2223832 RFQ
2201157 RFQ
222-32NB4-2222541 RFQ
2222540 RFQ
222-32NB1-2222540 RFQ
222-32NB3-2222327 RFQ
X2221388 RFQ
222-32NB4-2222544 RFQ
222-10NNMP2222192 RFQ
222-32NB6-2222426 RFQ
222-10NB3-2222672 RFQ
222-10NC1-2222636 RFQ
222-10NB3-2221908 RFQ
222-10NB28-2222557 RFQ
222-10NC3-2222708 RFQ
222-10NB7-2222397 RFQ
222-10NB7-2222047 RFQ
S6202-3207331 RFQ
2222512 RFQ
222-10NB3-2221695 RFQ
X2221537 RFQ
222-10NB3-2222896 RFQ
TS1544NB23 RFQ
222-10NB23-2222338 RFQ
444-10NB3-444140 RFQ
2505769 RB7 RFQ
222-10NB6-2222488 RFQ
222-20NB14-2222571 RFQ
222-10NB3-2221932 RFQ
222-1932-NB3 RFQ
222-10NB6-2221645 RFQ
222-10NB3-2221916 RFQ
222-10NB19-2221995 RFQ
222-10NB6-2221910 RFQ
222-10NB3-2221894 RFQ
222-10NB20-2221278 RFQ
2222602M0D.NB14 RFQ
222-10NC1-2221148 RFQ
222-10NC2-2223080 RFQ
222-10NB1-2221063 RFQ
222-32NB3-2223205 CA RFQ
222-20NB13-2222715 RFQ
2223612NB-25 RFQ
222-32NB30-2223066 RFQ
222-10NB4-2223135 RFQ
444034 RFQ
TS1984 RFQ
222-10NB6-2222556 RFQ
222085-NB-14 RFQ
444-10NB31-444017 RFQ
4N1B21A00BW0036 RFQ
2222956 RFQ
2222955 RFQ
222-32NB6-2222955 RFQ
TS1674PC36 RFQ
222-10NB3-2223130 RFQ
222-10NB25-2223248 RFQ
222-10NB19-2223252 RFQ
2221311 RFQ
TS1647PC11 RFQ
2221108 RFQ
222-10NB1-2222561 RFQ
222-2902 NB7 RFQ
222-10NB7-2222902 RFQ
4F1B27D00B0013 RFQ