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Cage Code 27702, 0SM13, 91023, 2P104, 29460, 80739, 15098, 05911


Beatrice Foods was founded in 1984 in Beatrice, Nebraska by George Haskell and William W. Bosworth. The company’s original name was The Beatrice Creamery Company and later changed its name to Beatrice Foods Company in 1946 to reflect the change form primarily dairy foods to grocery products. In 1991 the Beatrice of today was founded in 1991 as Hoopes Enterprises. As a food and consumer products company. In 2011 the company once again changed its name from Beatrice U.S Food Corporation to Beatrice Foods Company. The company also has the following subsidiaries; Beatrice Technologies, Inc., Beatrice Direct, Beatrice Foods, Beatrice Distribution, Beatrice International and Beatrice Mercantile. With the many segments that company has, it is able to distribute food products, perform complex technological installations and maintenance for their customers.