Aircraft Antenna

Gilat and Hughes are set to unveil their new high-performance dual Ka- and Ku- band aero antenna on a single antenna platform. The new product is said to offer favorable weight and drag characteristics and it is based on a new platform.

Continuous broadband connectivity is made possible by the dual band capability of the antenna. This broadband connectivity makes it possible for passengers to use broadband on commercial aircraft travelling air routes that require a combination of Ka and Ku coverage for access along the full route.

The antenna meets the volume requirements for both Airbus and Boeing aircraft while also making the best use of its aperture size under the available volume. The antenna is compliant with open-standard specifications, having been developed by Hughes Aircraft Company in accordance with their RF and technical specifications. This makes it fully compatible with all aero modems.

Gilat is the one of the pair that has taken responsibility of developing and manufacturing the antenna as well as the KRFU, or RF unit, and the networking data unit. It also plays the role of development for the related Part Manufacturing Authorization licensing.

Both companies are looking for partnerships with their customer under multiple Supplemental Type Certifications. The Vice President of the Mobility Division at Gilat recently stated, ““The Gilat/Hughes partnership has resulted in one of the most innovative development projects in the global IFC space. The antenna development is based on our long-standing expertise in mobile satellite antennas and our industry leading aero transceivers and plays a key part in Gilat’s IFC strategy. We believe that the antenna will enable IFC service providers to select the most efficient satellite solution for global connectivity well into the future.”

“The new dual band aero antenna is a valuable and important addition to our global aeronautical system” said Paul Gaske, Executive Vice President, North America at Hughes, ““With this new antenna, airlines will now be able to enjoy uninterrupted connectivity for even the most challenging air routes that span geographies that are not served by a single satellite frequency band.”

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Airbus A350

There has recently been a huge deal in the aviation industry news, as Triumph Group seals a $26,000,000 deal with Harbin Hafei Airbus Composite Manufacturing Centre Company. This deal was centered upon Triumph group providing parts for the Airbus A350 aircraft. Triumph Group will provide composite rudder component kits for the Airbus A350 aircraft family, and will look to do so for the next five to seven years. This was not the only big deal, as they landed an agreement with Textron Aviation to supply aluminum machined parts for Textron’s new Cessna super-midsize aircrafts. These two excellent deals have Triumph Group proving to the world that they are offering high-quality support and services globally, and is a testament to their growing business and success.

Triumph Group supplies qualitative aerospace systems and components internationally and they also manufacture, design, and engineer aircraft components. They serve as original equipment manufacturers for regional commercial airlines as well as cargo carriers. They also work with military and business aircrafts and components as well. Triumph is also able to repair, overhaul, and run maintenance for almost all major aircraft systems. They hold a very wide variety of aircraft parts that they can service under their belt, and have become one of the best. What makes Triumph great as an MRO is the fact that they have many parts available in stock, and can even manufacture a part if need be! This allow them to truly be a powerhouse in the aviation market and industry, and is the reason that Triumph Group continues to flourish.

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MQ-8 Fire Scout - Unmanned Aircraft

The UK Ministry of Defence is joining up with Leonardo Company, in a jointly funded programme, to develop concepts for future unmanned rotary wing aircrafts. After successful 2016 demonstrations and Phase 1 activities, they are looking to launch Phase 2 of the (RWUAS) Demonstrator Programme. With so many advancements in technologies that are now at our fingertips, the UK is looking to find exciting and innovative ways to reduce the costs and increase the capabilities in rotary wing and unmanned aircrafts. These technologies are just one of the many steps that are helping keep our military personal safe while in the battlefield. Not only does the UK have their own programme efforts, but with their rising defence budget and £178 billion Equipment Plan, they also planning on staying at the cutting edge by working with allies and industry academics alike. The specialist engineering staff at Leonard are working hard on research and development to build operational capabilities for the unmanned aircrafts. These technologies are helping to lower the risks associated with unmanned rotary aircrafts in challenging environments.

“This is an exciting time as the opportunities presented by unmanned technologies start to be realised in the vertical take-off and landing sector. These technologies and systems can be a game changer in terms of undertaking a wide range of autonomous operations at a significantly lower cost”, says Leonardo’s Chief Executive Officer and General Manager Mauro Moretti. The UK’s Ministry of Defence has also signed a 10-year Strategic Partnering Arrangement (SPA) with Leonardo Helicopters in July of 2016. This partnering arrangement will focus on delivering ever increasing value to the UK tax payers on current contracts; working on new technologies and capabilities with existing manned and unmanned concepts for future development. Not only is there need for technology and innovation for these new concepts, but also being able to locate and acquire the hardware that is needed can be half the battle. With help from Just NSN Parts you can get in contact with a sales associate who will get the computer hardware shipped out to you promptly.

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KA27M Helicopter

Crews from the Northern Fleet of the Russian Navy News have started training on Kamov Ka-27M multipurpose helicopters. They have been modernized from the original Ka-27PL anti-submarine versions that entered service in 1981. They feature a glass cockpit, a new radar, high-capacity, open-architecture avionics and secure data exchange systems. Recent plans call for almost 50 of the 80 remaining Ka-27PLs to upgrade their modernization. About six Ka-27Ms have already been delivered to the navy’s center for combat usage, flight personnel retraining and type conversion in Yeisk on the Black Sea coast.

The ceremony took place at the KumAPP factory in Kumertau, where all rotorcraft of the Kamov Ka-27/28/29/31/32 series have been built. In Dec 2016 Russian navy received the first KA 27M helicopter along with technical details as side number 14, registration RF-19190.

Work on the future Ka-27M began in 1998, when the Kamov design house modified one of its operational prototypes into a technology demonstrator. One of those underwent modernization to the latest standard in 2008. Following assessment and trials of the industry-operated examples, the Russian defense ministry awarded Russian Helicopters an initial contract in 2013, calling for eight Ka-27PLs to be modernized into the Ka-27M standard. Delivery dates, however, they have been repeatedly postponed due to late arrivals of helicopters at KumAPP and various technical imperfections discovered during testing. The Russian defense ministry awarded KumAPP a second order in 2014, for modernization of 14 more Ka-27PLs. Following the first batch, their deliveries have also been postponed, from 2016 to sometime this year. The amount of the initial and follow-on order is estimated at Rouble 8 billion, which, by the 2013 exchange rates, renders the cost of one helicopter modernization at little over $10 million.

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Gogo Biz Dunkan

Both Duncan Aviation and Gogo Business Aviation have begun on their latest project of enhancing a 4G system for aircrafts that can be used efficiently midflight. Many airlines and companies have successfully managed to sustain in-air network but not quite like their latest innovation. The new innovations will consist of Gogos entertainment system known as the Gogo vision.  The “Gogo Vision serves up 200 Hollywood blockbuster movies & hit TV shows on your aircraft with catalog updates every month. Plus, breaking news. Moving maps. Destination weather. Flight progress. In-cabin file sharing. And more.”  Working hand in hand with Duncan Aviation to be able to complete their project fast and very efficiently.

Duncan was chosen to be a part of this due to their enormous capably and what they offered to the table.  They specialize as a MRO (Maintance, repair and overhaul) organizations which include three full facilities. These facilities are home to more than satellite avionics teams that are scattered all around the US. Duncan’s team of trained satellite avionics team has currently “installed more than 575 Air-To- Ground and WLAN systems.” The beginning of the launch of the first half of project of the 4G connectivity was scheduled in 2017 by Gogos.  Alongside the 4G connectivity the package will include a “802.11ac Wi-Fi service” that will be distributed all from one light and extremely concealable box.

The Gogo & Duncan 4G network can be installed into airplanes such as :
  • Bombardier, Inc., CL-600-2B16 (Challenger 604, 605 & 650)
  • Bombardier, Inc., BD-100-1A10 (Challenger 300 & 350)
  • Bombardier, Inc., BD-700-1A10 & BD-700-1A11 (Global Express and Global 5000)
  • Dassault Aviation, Mystere-Falcon 900 and Falcon 900EX
  • Dassault Aviation, Falcon 2000 and Falcon 2000EX
  • Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation, G-IV and GV

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