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Just NSN Parts, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, offers our customers a streamlined solution to the parts procurement process. Our large inventory features popular Cummins K-Series Replacement Parts parts such as PN-70690, PN-70662, PN-70653, PN-70415, PN-70183 from premium manufacturers. ASAP Semiconductor parts undergo rigorous quality assurance testing.

We are a customer-centric company that aims to procure every part that a customer needs. Our shipping times are some of the fastest in the industry due to our extensive supply chain across North America, Canada, and the U.K. We work tirelessly to meet all of our customer’s needs. Whether it is an AOG situation, or cross-checking NSNs with part numbers, we are here and ready to help. Fill out a request for quote form today to get started.

Manufacturer's List for Cummins K-Series Replacement Parts

Part Number's List for Cummins K-Series Replacement Parts

Part No RFQ
PN-70690 RFQ
PN-70662 RFQ
PN-70653 RFQ
PN-70415 RFQ
PN-70183 RFQ
PN-69795 RFQ
PN-69580 RFQ
PN-69558 RFQ
PN-69521 RFQ
PN-69465 RFQ
PN-68445 RFQ
PN-68241 RFQ
PN-68209 RFQ
PN-68152 RFQ
PN-67950 RFQ
PN-67946 RFQ
PN-651045 RFQ
PN-650829 RFQ
PN-64929 RFQ
PN-64807 RFQ
PN-64775 RFQ
PN-64728 RFQ
PN-63385 RFQ
PN-63223 RFQ
PN-60985 RFQ
PN-5566 RFQ
PN-43828 RFQ
PN-43463 RFQ
PN-320164 RFQ
PN-320070 RFQ
PN-3044888 RFQ
PN-3044854 RFQ
PN-3044521 RFQ
PN-3044517 RFQ
PN-3044516 RFQ
PN-3044515 RFQ
PN-3044413 RFQ
PN-3044286 RFQ
PN-3044190 RFQ
PN-3043947 RFQ
PN-3043911 RFQ
PN-3043910 RFQ
PN-3043909 RFQ
PN-3043214 RFQ
PN-3043213 RFQ
PN-3043212 RFQ
PN-3043211 RFQ
PN-3043097 RFQ
PN-3042889 RFQ
PN-3042827 RFQ
PN-3042651 RFQ
PN-3042620 RFQ
PN-3042619 RFQ
PN-3042612 RFQ
PN-3042590 RFQ
PN-3042587 RFQ
PN-3042586 RFQ
PN-3042401 RFQ
PN-3042137 RFQ
PN-3041859 RFQ
PN-3040838 RFQ
PN-3040833 RFQ
PN-3040810 RFQ
PN-3040721 RFQ
PN-3040720 RFQ
PN-3040710 RFQ
PN-3039164 RFQ
PN-3039163 RFQ
PN-3038938 RFQ
PN-3038778 RFQ
PN-3038750 RFQ
PN-3037952 RFQ
PN-3037871 RFQ
PN-3037824 RFQ
PN-3037821 RFQ
PN-3037710 RFQ
PN-3037662 RFQ
PN-3037537 RFQ
PN-3037536 RFQ
PN-3037535 RFQ
PN-3037255 RFQ
PN-3036942 RFQ
PN-3036849 RFQ
PN-3036846 RFQ
PN-3036814 RFQ
PN-3036449 RFQ
PN-3036139 RFQ
PN-3036096 RFQ
PN-3036088 RFQ
PN-3036074 RFQ
PN-3036073 RFQ
PN-3035844 RFQ
PN-3035719 RFQ
PN-3035718 RFQ
PN-3035685 RFQ
PN-3035616 RFQ
PN-3035614 RFQ
PN-3035362 RFQ
PN-3035306 RFQ
PN-3035248 RFQ

Relevant Components for Cummins K-Series Replacement Parts


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