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Just NSN Parts, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, supplies various Westinghouse Electric Supply Co (CAGE Code 01940, 07138, 0AR71) manufacturer parts like 1772133, 29J298PC5T08, 18J99PC122-153-154-177-189-191, 30D9774H11, 45301. You can type in the NSN such as 6105007856480, 2825003934556, 2825003727877, 5360006875184, 2825003886877 into our user-friendly search engine to find the exact part you need from Westinghouse Electric Supply Co. Each and every part is cross-referenced, and quality assured to ensure our customers only receive premium products. We are AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015 certified and FAA AC 0056B accredited.

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Part No NSN Item Name Contract No QTY RFQ
1772133 6105-00-785-6480 cover NA Avl RFQ
29J298PC5T08 2825-00-393-4556 ring seal NA Avl RFQ
18J99PC122-153-154-1 2825-00-372-7877 blade set steam turbine NA Avl RFQ
30D9774H11 5360-00-687-5184 spring helical compression NA Avl RFQ
45301 2825-00-388-6877 collar thrust NA Avl RFQ
KP-241 6625-01-245-9766 wattmeter NA Avl RFQ
1JC6685H07 5930-00-794-6230 switch rotary NA Avl RFQ
S459D604G11 5925-00-942-4418 circuit breaker NA Avl RFQ
120A582G03 5977-00-681-1665 brush electrical contact NA Avl RFQ
463882PC1T03 3040-00-343-7376 shoe thrust bearing NA Avl RFQ
S452D384G23 5925-00-655-1164 tripper circuit bre NA Avl RFQ
1JH5160PC29 5905-00-725-3228 resistor fixed wire wound NA Avl RFQ
D15-430LPC224 4820-00-388-6850 cap valve NA Avl RFQ
T7602239P73SUB78 5970-00-158-6314 insulator bushing NA Avl RFQ
575R094H17 5910-00-045-7458 capacitor fixed pap NA Avl RFQ
92J931PC11 2825-00-309-1768 blading set turbine NA Avl RFQ
S443A308H47 5905-00-910-9418 resistor fixed wire wound induct NA Avl RFQ
S454D676G18 5925-01-492-3410 circuit breaker f 3 NA Avl RFQ
D15-5600PC738 2825-00-388-6815 knife edge weight g NA Avl RFQ
1JA2716H01 5310-00-815-2443 nut self locking pl NA Avl RFQ
MSH12 9A 5999-00-911-4621 heater thermal release NA Avl RFQ
S-395C983A10 5905-00-823-4530 resistor fixed wire wound NA Avl RFQ
443A321H29 5905-00-834-9955 resistor fixed wire wound induct NA Avl RFQ
1JH3526 PIECE 6 5306-01-190-7394 bolt machine NA Avl RFQ
33J948ITEM1F 5360-00-314-4590 spring helical extension NA Avl RFQ
S1265704 5999-00-383-2113 heater thermal rele NA Avl RFQ
D15-651-0PC1142 4330-00-217-1033 filter fluid NA Avl RFQ
D15-439DPC128 4820-00-147-3787 guide valve stem DLA70087MCA12MODF0001 Avl RFQ
40J528PC104 5360-00-527-1392 spring helical comp NA Avl RFQ
S023S58 6110-00-500-1491 controller motor NA Avl RFQ
906J235-1 4140-00-084-3357 propeller fan centr NA Avl RFQ
1265608 5945-00-201-2970 relay subassembly NA Avl RFQ
S021Y2090B15 5925-01-301-8895 circuit breaker NA Avl RFQ
38J348SUB4ITEM8C 5999-00-259-6733 contact electrical NA Avl RFQ
CVE105S4101-317554PC 5330-00-372-9810 packing labyrinth d NA Avl RFQ
38J36ITEM27 5905-00-332-9281 resistor NA Avl RFQ
D15-84FPC145-146 2825-00-036-3370 retainer with nut DLA70083G000510690002 Avl RFQ
313C748G18 5925-01-164-6841 circuit breaker NA Avl RFQ
417965 3110-00-540-4656 bearing ball annular NA Avl RFQ
884993 5360-01-061-2871 spring NA Avl RFQ
311C025R3PC1 5950-00-609-3349 reactor NA Avl RFQ
20J910PC258X282 3020-00-145-1031 gear set worm and worm wheel mat SP070099G001201340001 Avl RFQ
13D4391-0 5930-00-472-2483 switch toggle NA Avl RFQ
585F318 PIECE 47 5905-01-186-8190 resistor fixed NA Avl RFQ
512C177A16 2825-00-710-8393 blade set steam turbine NA Avl RFQ
1504668 5330-00-372-9815 packing labyrinth d NA Avl RFQ
25A1805LINE7 5905-00-588-2341 resistor current li NA Avl RFQ
1313773 5925-00-386-0869 tripper circuit bre NA Avl RFQ
1298844 5905-00-174-8096 resistor fixed wire wound induct NA Avl RFQ
38J576ITEM12 5360-00-263-6712 spring helical compression NA Avl RFQ
1JH232PC2 5360-00-375-6840 spring NA Avl RFQ
1JA3823-1 5930-00-549-0876 switch push NA Avl RFQ
924B676 PIECE 03 5315-01-191-7599 pin grooved headless NA Avl RFQ
49J337PC1 2825-00-372-8363 nozzle diaphragm tu NA Avl RFQ
S1320676B 5930-00-468-6794 switch push pull NA Avl RFQ
13G322PC1-2 2825-00-469-4237 deflector oil NA Avl RFQ
51C5583PT4 5940-00-259-8694 contact strip radio frequency grounding NA Avl RFQ
S247D431G11 5950-01-065-0443 saturable reactor NA Avl RFQ
368C945H22 3110-00-555-5572 bearing ball annular NA Avl RFQ
D15-328HPC276 5315-00-244-6449 pin straight headle NA Avl RFQ
S1775989NMAG 6105-00-583-3072 motor direct current NA Avl RFQ
S1041567 5930-00-375-6042 contact segment NA Avl RFQ
D15-631PPC699 5365-00-388-6803 bushing housing NA Avl RFQ
1JH216PC31T035 3120-00-339-2916 bearing assembly NA Avl RFQ
D15-785HPC661 2825-00-146-8053 block DLA70083G000503420002 Avl RFQ
551D013PC13 5905-00-642-5717 resistor fixed wire wound NA Avl RFQ
D15-509KPC595-598-59 5330-00-388-6936 packing assembly NA Avl RFQ
664688 3110-00-156-1868 bearing ball thrust NA Avl RFQ
D15-551PPC499-508 5330-00-216-9369 seal assembly NA Avl RFQ
343C120H02 5950-00-878-8898 coil radio frequency NA Avl RFQ

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