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Just NSN Parts, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, supplies various Westinghouse Electric Supply Co (CAGE Code 01940, 07138, 0AR71) manufacturer parts like 16F801PC52, 452D821G18, 384B790H04, 576R004H09, P15C7989-54. You can type in the NSN such as 2825003881238, 5925006551165, 5950000525187, 5910007716811, 5305009906431 into our user-friendly search engine to find the exact part you need from Westinghouse Electric Supply Co. Each and every part is cross-referenced, and quality assured to ensure our customers only receive premium products. We are AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015 certified and FAA AC 0056B accredited.

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Part No NSN Item Name Contract No QTY RFQ
16F801PC52 2825-00-388-1238 piston valve NA Avl RFQ
452D821G18 5925-00-655-1165 tripper circuit bre NA Avl RFQ
384B790H04 5950-00-052-5187 transformer power NA Avl RFQ
576R004H09 5910-00-771-6811 capacitor fixed met NA Avl RFQ
P15C7989-54 5305-00-990-6431 screw cap socket he NA Avl RFQ
S1068914 4320-00-293-1637 deflector dirt and NA Avl RFQ
656D012G12 5925-00-106-7257 circuit breaker NA Avl RFQ
S1157743 3110-00-008-9161 bearing NA Avl RFQ
EA2090 5925-00-682-3924 circuit breaker NA Avl RFQ
1265724 5999-00-383-2295 heater thermal rele NA Avl RFQ
911J253PC5 6130-00-590-9412 rectifier metallic NA Avl RFQ
1JH3267PC34 5360-00-527-1343 spring helical compression NA Avl RFQ
26J149PC100-123-125- 2825-00-372-8018 blade set steam turbine NA Avl RFQ
900J702PC166 4320-00-513-7488 thrust ring and hou NA Avl RFQ
1JH3526-34 5315-01-191-0246 pin straight headed NA Avl RFQ
D15-726APC140-141-14 2825-00-389-8529 box crank pin compl NA Avl RFQ
1307188 5999-00-153-9572 contact electrical NA Avl RFQ
53J37PC1-4T07-9AND53 2825-00-379-3126 blade set steam turbine NA Avl RFQ
1289414 5950-00-648-4044 coil electrical NA Avl RFQ
1249108 5905-00-259-6155 resistor fixed wire wound NA Avl RFQ
36A5053PC25 5330-00-599-5994 gasket NA Avl RFQ
29J325PC23-26-30-31 6670-00-469-4135 weight balance NA Avl RFQ
1684A01G01 5998-01-126-9240 circuit card assembly NA Avl RFQ
1JB6296H05 5999-00-816-9670 shielding gasket el NA Avl RFQ
667J639PC10 2825-00-992-0633 deflector dirt and liquid NA Avl RFQ
1JA8601-2 5940-00-736-7395 terminal board NA Avl RFQ
715J051PC14 2825-00-949-1527 diaphragm turbine NA Avl RFQ
152A046H12 3020-01-039-3519 chain silent NA Avl RFQ
A18B1862 6105-00-512-7085 stator motor NA Avl RFQ
D15-698IPC658-669 2825-00-446-9363 stem with nut NA Avl RFQ
1542173 6625-00-513-9372 ammeter NA Avl RFQ
K2XA 5962-00-895-0196 microcircuit linear NA Avl RFQ
D15-508P142 2825-00-175-8800 lever NA Avl RFQ
D15-716TPC436 3020-00-146-4181 gear idler NA Avl RFQ
D15-783EPC532-533-53 3120-00-216-9357 bearing assembly NA Avl RFQ
38J348SUB4ITEM5B 5360-00-316-3617 spring helical compression NA Avl RFQ
1JH1812 PIECE 84 5930-01-193-8224 support switch NA Avl RFQ
M40J714PC15-35-38-45 2835-00-372-6734 blade set turbine nonaircraft ga NA Avl RFQ
DD423S61-0252PC67 2825-00-318-0312 trunnion NA Avl RFQ
7607473PT242 5945-00-235-7586 relay electromagnet NA Avl RFQ
40J570PC33 3120-00-287-7546 bearing sleeve NA Avl RFQ
1JC3555H33 5320-00-117-6814 rivet solid SP054000MES21MODF0001 Avl RFQ
1JH1912PC42 5360-00-375-7353 spring helical torsion NA Avl RFQ
1JA9251-1 3120-00-661-3954 bearing sleeve NA Avl RFQ
345C067G02 5985-00-084-0213 adapter waveguide NA Avl RFQ
957971A 6125-00-295-0629 dynamotor NA Avl RFQ
382207 3960-00-522-1199 holder brush NA Avl RFQ
95J110PC198 3120-00-337-1152 bearing sleeve NA Avl RFQ
575B880H01 5950-00-162-8813 transformer power SP090595M2204MODF0001 Avl RFQ
G8672PC150-158-163 3110-00-213-0314 bearing shell NA Avl RFQ
D15-548BPC535 2825-00-388-6818 block NA Avl RFQ
92J875PC14 2825-00-372-9319 nozzle diaphragm turbine NA Avl RFQ
WS18808Y 5930-01-007-1216 switch rotary NA Avl RFQ
213A788GP10 5905-00-817-7770 resistor fixed wire wound NA Avl RFQ
50J679PCC0MB6 5945-00-382-7748 contactor NA Avl RFQ
D15-765MPC614-630 2825-00-446-9241 spindle with nut go NA Avl RFQ
956C802-1 6110-00-734-9982 parts kit panel protection NA Avl RFQ
2JB975-2 3120-00-909-5395 bushing sleeve NA Avl RFQ
S782740 5977-00-386-0890 brush electrical contact NA Avl RFQ
S0R2B1768 6105-00-230-2650 rotor motor NA Avl RFQ
1JH1269PC2 2010-00-372-9945 pinion reduction ge NA Avl RFQ
D15-496FPC574 2825-00-389-8482 thrower oil NA Avl RFQ
576R926H01 5961-00-782-1225 transistor NA Avl RFQ
D15-592MPC575 2825-00-389-8480 thrower oil NA Avl RFQ
1JF33-9 5950-00-468-6695 transformer NA Avl RFQ
373C061GP1 6105-00-538-8077 winding motor field NA Avl RFQ
D15-548BPC757 2825-00-146-4226 guide NA Avl RFQ
Q115460 3120-00-792-2836 bearing sleeve NA Avl RFQ
575R163H04 5910-00-867-1357 capacitor fixed paper dielectric NA Avl RFQ
935B155-1 2825-00-778-8921 cup valve steam turbine NA Avl RFQ

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