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Just NSN Parts, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, supplies various Thales Underwater Systems Uk (CAGE Code F6581, F8294, K1096) manufacturer parts like 76180-63251, MP140, C171 31746, 414116-1, 16916433. You can type in the NSN such as 6910999208365, 6930997909675, 6930997776778, 6655011015842, 5315145249978 into our user-friendly search engine to find the exact part you need from Thales Underwater Systems Uk. Each and every part is cross-referenced, and quality assured to ensure our customers only receive premium products. We are AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015 certified and FAA AC 0056B accredited.

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Part No NSN Item Name Contract No QTY RFQ
76180-63251 6910-99-920-8365 bracelet anti stati NA Avl RFQ
MP140 6930-99-790-9675 circuit card assembly NA Avl RFQ
C171 31746 6930-99-777-6778 circuit card assembly NA Avl RFQ
414116-1 6655-01-101-5842 optical sensor asse NA Avl RFQ
16916433 5315-14-524-9978 pin shoulder headless NA Avl RFQ
44039536 5995-14-552-9428 cable assembly special purpose electrical NA Avl RFQ
B171 31975 6930-99-777-6805 combined tachometer NA Avl RFQ
96110571 5305-14-524-9332 screw cap socket head NA Avl RFQ
27361-34500-49 6930-21-882-4345 cable ribbon NA Avl RFQ
56579-93831 2510-01-380-3576 shock absorber direct action NA Avl RFQ
44040416 5365-14-553-6678 spacer ring NA Avl RFQ
C171 26966 6930-99-777-6748 circuit card assembly NA Avl RFQ
44040286AB 1650-14-550-0392 motor hydraulic NA Avl RFQ
171 24605 6930-99-777-6744 circuit card assembly NA Avl RFQ
C171 26609 6930-99-777-6746 circuit card assembly NA Avl RFQ
C171 26154 6930-99-777-6763 circuit card assembly NA Avl RFQ
76579-93358 5930-00-013-9756 switch subassembly NA Avl RFQ
62876625AA 5996-01-601-5399 amplifier subassemb NA Avl RFQ
53351 5950-00-897-5564 reactor NA Avl RFQ
99194598 5905-01-175-0706 resistor fixed film NA Avl RFQ
4431997 5930-01-100-1182 switch rotary NA Avl RFQ
56947199AA 5998-14-547-9860 circuit card assembly NA Avl RFQ
91777152 5970-14-529-4062 insulator bushing NA Avl RFQ
44038983 6110-14-553-3982 distribution box NA Avl RFQ
29732872 5999-14-422-3082 circuit card assembly NA Avl RFQ
29735139 5995-14-543-7062 cable assembly radio frequency SPM7M008M3804 Avl RFQ
C171 84333 6930-99-110-0300 control converter d NA Avl RFQ
29732890 5999-14-422-3098 circuit card assembly NA Avl RFQ
00190252 5930-00-459-5708 push button SP093005V3290MODF0001 Avl RFQ
171 46523 6920-99-211-4663 interface trainee NA Avl RFQ
99194646 5905-00-402-1180 resistor fixed film SP090000AA84402000001 Avl RFQ
171 32252 6930-99-790-9712 circuit card assembly NA Avl RFQ
44039763 5360-14-553-4004 spring leaf NA Avl RFQ
VIS CHC M3X20 Z2CND1 5305-14-526-7394 screw cap socket head NA Avl RFQ
A171 16740 9905-99-761-9675 plate identification NA Avl RFQ
44037162AB01 5998-14-548-7360 circuit card assembly NA Avl RFQ
44039036 5355-14-553-3012 knob NA Avl RFQ
16911711 5340-14-422-3112 bellows protection NA Avl RFQ
44037195AE01 5975-14-548-4286 chassis electrical electronic equipment NA Avl RFQ
29733131 5999-14-422-3128 circuit card assembly NA Avl RFQ
44039520 5330-14-553-3979 gasket NA Avl RFQ
8132011 5998-01-085-9261 circuit card assembly NA Avl RFQ
A171 16539 9905-99-761-9644 plate identification NA Avl RFQ
00190082 6655-01-307-2056 recorder bathytherm NA Avl RFQ
C171 25662 6930-99-777-6776 circuit card assembly NA Avl RFQ
C171 30913 6930-99-777-6773 circuit card assembly NA Avl RFQ
91392561 5999-01-595-1604 clamp electrical NA Avl RFQ
44036438 3020-14-478-8367 guard mechanical drive N0010407G0300YM62 Avl RFQ
96110600 5305-14-490-4503 screw cap socket head NA Avl RFQ
91747071 5331-14-478-7925 o ring NA Avl RFQ
96110871 5305-14-529-4071 screw cap socket head NA Avl RFQ
44030720AA 1680-14-546-5202 cover winch NA Avl RFQ
ME172 6930-99-790-9672 circuit card assembly NA Avl RFQ
44040294AA 4320-14-547-8010 ram hydraulic NA Avl RFQ
47044561 6145-14-529-4064 braid wire NA Avl RFQ
00190133 5905-01-100-1008 resistor variable NA Avl RFQ
00190084 5950-01-104-7472 transformer power NA Avl RFQ
B171 31969 6930-99-777-6808 dial assembly NA Avl RFQ
44036126 5340-14-553-5597 clamp block NA Avl RFQ
39297133-003 5340-14-522-8330 bracket angle SC050004MS084MODF0001 Avl RFQ
A171 18859 9905-99-761-9670 plate identification NA Avl RFQ
L27510-337-03 5930-00-490-8813 switch toggle NA Avl RFQ
C171 84461 6930-99-770-4409 control box observe NA Avl RFQ
91329217 5999-01-395-2475 contact electrical NA Avl RFQ
315380 6930-14-273-1471 bloc de controle NA Avl RFQ
96110597 5305-14-507-0975 screw cap socket head SC050002MN515MODF0001 Avl RFQ
00190030 5961-01-110-4296 transistor NA Avl RFQ
56947477AF01 5998-14-557-2416 circuit card assembly NA Avl RFQ
171 30930 6930-99-777-6757 circuit card assembly NA Avl RFQ
8153496 5962-01-268-5175 microcircuit NA Avl RFQ

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