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Just NSN Parts, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, supplies various Tegam Inc (CAGE Code 49374) manufacturer parts like R-230452-001, BP-30-0, 90947-1, 912001-005, 91932-2. You can type in the NSN such as 5930010623682, 5940016069971, 5950003429685, 5955010147962, 5985010996011 into our user-friendly search engine to find the exact part you need from Tegam Inc. Each and every part is cross-referenced, and quality assured to ensure our customers only receive premium products. We are AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015 certified and FAA AC 0056B accredited.

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Part No NSN Item Name Contract No QTY RFQ
R-230452-001 5930-01-062-3682 switch rotary NA Avl RFQ
BP-30-0 5940-01-606-9971 post binding electr NA Avl RFQ
90947-1 5950-00-342-9685 coil radio frequenc NA Avl RFQ
912001-005 5955-01-014-7962 crystal unit quartz NA Avl RFQ
91932-2 5985-01-099-6011 adapter antenna to transmitter NA Avl RFQ
R 295352 001 5999-01-165-2845 heat sink electrical electronic component NA Avl RFQ
TA252 5950-00-941-8065 transformer NA Avl RFQ
1811 5895-01-082-3450 radio frequency atten controller NA Avl RFQ
SI-5010 4920-01-313-6729 switching unit elec NA Avl RFQ
PAV2R 6625-00-257-5020 voltmeter NA Avl RFQ
TYPE8012 6625-01-224-5082 calibrator subassem NA Avl RFQ
138-645 6625-01-467-0866 accessory kit power NA Avl RFQ
7915908 6625-00-714-4216 plug in unit electr NA Avl RFQ
R1L-CR 6625-01-494-2684 ohmmeter NA Avl RFQ
R1LC-100 5998-01-609-3912 circuit card assembly NA Avl RFQ
ST103 5950-01-004-5255 transformer power NA Avl RFQ
TM502A OPT.A1 6130-01-333-8591 power supply NA Avl RFQ
R-293604-001 5915-01-076-8175 filter radio frequency interfere NA Avl RFQ
CA-20-48 6150-01-576-6732 cable assembly power electrical NA Avl RFQ
1820B 5895-01-615-9748 rf mount te control NA Avl RFQ
1107 8T 5985-01-423-3607 probe waveguide NA Avl RFQ
43072 6150-01-273-3792 cable assembly special purpose e SP040000AAF8400240001 Avl RFQ
DC510 6625-01-326-4628 plug in unit electr NA Avl RFQ
CG5011-TM5003 6625-01-044-1127 generator signal NA Avl RFQ
402838-003 5955-01-014-8118 oscillator crystal controlled NA Avl RFQ
7913357 6625-00-133-7548 resistance standard NA Avl RFQ
DC5010-01 6625-01-259-8225 plug in unit electr NA Avl RFQ
R-298998-001 5998-01-186-3931 circuit card assembly NA Avl RFQ
12 392 5980-01-257-6821 light emitting diode NA Avl RFQ
964118-105 7195-01-285-4164 stand NA Avl RFQ
1-945081-003 5905-01-005-9596 resistor variable n NA Avl RFQ
243E 6625-00-279-5790 measuring system re NA Avl RFQ
M1125A 6625-01-559-6815 power standard ther NA Avl RFQ
F1130B 6625-01-529-1910 calibrator frequenc NA Avl RFQ
900108-001 5910-01-014-2225 capacitor fixed cer NA Avl RFQ
SW-310 5930-01-606-9979 switch push NA Avl RFQ
1815 6625-00-164-6607 converter signal da NA Avl RFQ
CG5011OPT02 6625-01-390-3121 calibrator oscillos NA Avl RFQ
DSRS-5DA 4920-00-181-2422 test set synchro NA Avl RFQ
R1LC-085 6625-01-609-3492 lead test NA Avl RFQ
91774913 6625-00-887-7415 standard subassembl NA Avl RFQ
ST-213 5950-00-052-5813 transformer audio f NA Avl RFQ
F1125A 6625-01-571-3696 power standard NA Avl RFQ
AVM-2000 6625-01-548-0285 NA NA Avl RFQ
CG5011 6625-01-339-2429 calibrator frequenc NA Avl RFQ
13162 5975-01-601-1840 rod ground NA Avl RFQ
90875-1 5950-00-647-9343 transformer radio f NA Avl RFQ
BP-50-2 5940-01-606-9983 post binding electrical NA Avl RFQ
067-0532-00 6625-00-531-5143 plug in unit electr NA Avl RFQ
F1119 6625-01-445-6571 current voltage sta NA Avl RFQ
DP1211-1K 6625-00-563-6857 resistor decade NA Avl RFQ
1266 5355-01-616-0852 knob NA Avl RFQ
SR1060-58359 6625-01-236-8637 resistance standard NA Avl RFQ
DC503AOPT01MODGG 6625-01-264-6854 plug in unit electr NA Avl RFQ
A-13465 5930-01-457-1097 switch assembly NA Avl RFQ
R 298876 001 5975-01-273-3791 chassis electrical electronic eq NA Avl RFQ
TA-411 5950-00-824-2804 transformer power autotransforme NA Avl RFQ
RT18 6625-00-909-7349 transformer variabl NA Avl RFQ
R-294450-001 5961-01-159-3168 semiconductor devic NA Avl RFQ
910150-116 5935-00-556-5958 connector receptacl NA Avl RFQ
7235 5950-01-616-0502 transformer current NA Avl RFQ
138-645-1 5985-01-563-6929 attenuator fixed NA Avl RFQ
912001-002 5955-01-014-7959 crystal unit quartz NA Avl RFQ
F1135 6625-01-536-3693 calibrator electric NA Avl RFQ
900071-003 5910-01-110-0980 capacitor fixed mica dielectric NA Avl RFQ
F1117A 6625-01-510-5623 calibrator electric NA Avl RFQ
R-299297-063 6150-01-113-7301 cable assembly special purpose e NA Avl RFQ
R1L-B 6625-01-350-8774 ohmmeter NA Avl RFQ
SR1060-58134 6625-01-236-8637 resistance standard NA Avl RFQ
SYSTEM-IIA-18B 6625-01-501-6198 calibrator electric NA Avl RFQ

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