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Just NSN Parts, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, supplies various Socata (CAGE Code F0086) manufacturer parts like Z00.N7743131563, Z00 N6020607221TBM, Z00N7733212206, 3014230, Z00.N7126621114. You can type in the NSN such as 5325008243279, 5985014376781, 5945010214930, 5331001685513, 5999014409936 into our user-friendly search engine to find the exact part you need from Socata. Each and every part is cross-referenced, and quality assured to ensure our customers only receive premium products. We are AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015 certified and FAA AC 0056B accredited.

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Part No NSN Item Name Contract No QTY RFQ
Z00.N7743131563 5325-00-824-3279 ring retaining NA Avl RFQ
Z00 N6020607221TBM 5985-01-437-6781 coupler antenna NA Avl RFQ
Z00N7733212206 5945-01-021-4930 relay electromagnetic NA Avl RFQ
3014230 5331-00-168-5513 o ring NA Avl RFQ
Z00.N7126621114 5999-01-440-9936 contact electrical NA Avl RFQ
Z00.N5412522160 5310-01-391-8752 nut self locking ex NA Avl RFQ
Z00.N7423140008TBM 5330-01-007-4599 packing preformed NA Avl RFQ
Z00.N5415371130 5310-00-807-1472 nut self locking ex NA Avl RFQ
Z00.N7394810850 5340-01-441-0934 insert self locking NA Avl RFQ
22461-2 5330-01-011-6944 gasket NA Avl RFQ
Z00.N7643730005 5120-00-864-4953 swaging tool screw thread insert NA Avl RFQ
Z00.N7730062091 4730-00-277-6445 adapter straight tube to boss NA Avl RFQ
Z00.N5150624002 5305-00-057-0491 screw machine NA Avl RFQ
Z00.N07140091TBM 5306-01-162-4910 bolt machine NA Avl RFQ
Z00.N6003077225TBM 5340-01-437-7656 plug vent NA Avl RFQ
161-03000 1630-00-868-4823 wheel half inboard SPM46003D5B640008 Avl RFQ
Z00.N7423730006TBM 5331-01-392-9611 o ring NA Avl RFQ
880-72-0-009-0 9905-14-328-3446 plaque instructions NA Avl RFQ
880-72-0-194-1 9905-14-334-1522 plaque instructions NA Avl RFQ
T700A1130076100 9905-14-481-8019 plaque instructions NA Avl RFQ
Z00.N7423485000TBM 5330-01-419-5501 gasket NA Avl RFQ
Z00.N7423510003TBM 5330-00-922-5956 packing preformed NA Avl RFQ
Z00.N7723018233TBM 2935-01-396-3392 radiator engine coolant NA Avl RFQ
T700A1120015100 9905-14-461-8587 plaque instructions NA Avl RFQ
T700A1120014100 9905-14-461-8586 plaque designation NA Avl RFQ
Z00.N7730730031TBM 4730-01-392-9598 bend tube return NA Avl RFQ
214-00100 3120-01-063-5777 bearing NA Avl RFQ
Z00.N7445011514 6240-01-032-0713 lamp incandescent SPM4A111G001007C0 Avl RFQ
Z00.N7730062776 4730-00-891-2960 adapter straight tube to boss NA Avl RFQ
214-00200 3110-00-100-3137 cone and rollers tapered roller NA Avl RFQ
Z00.N7141060148 5340-00-597-9408 clamp loop NA Avl RFQ
T700A1130026100 9905-14-461-8633 plaque instructions NA Avl RFQ
Z00.N7022132320 5325-00-797-8046 stud assembly turnl NA Avl RFQ
Z00.N6000807228TBM 4820-01-286-4204 valve regulating system pressure NA Avl RFQ
M5988-2-01085 5331-00-179-9369 o ring NA Avl RFQ
Z00.N5431218050 5310-14-313-4941 nut self locking plate NA Avl RFQ
T700A1130075000 9905-14-462-2227 plaque instructions NA Avl RFQ
Z00.N7743730036TBM 5310-01-392-9610 washer flat NA Avl RFQ
Z00.N5103572204 5306-00-655-7232 bolt shear NA Avl RFQ
Z00.N7230063367 5310-00-638-2605 nut plain hexagon NA Avl RFQ
Z00.N7157731602 3120-01-063-5777 bearing NA Avl RFQ
T700A1120007100 9905-14-481-8016 plaque instructions NA Avl RFQ
STCM-00-011-07-001-0 9905-14-558-2948 plate designation NA Avl RFQ
Z00.N6097607222TBM 1680-01-085-1614 outlet cold air NA Avl RFQ
Z00.N5414468159 5310-14-252-5969 nut self locking extended washer hexagon SPM5A811M1511 Avl RFQ
Z00 N7741481401 5310-01-460-1286 washer flat NA Avl RFQ
Z00 11582 4 1630-00-868-4827 lining friction NA Avl RFQ
T700A1130037101 9905-14-477-7713 plaque designation NA Avl RFQ
Z00.N6082557220TBM 6610-01-422-8124 transmitter position NA Avl RFQ
Z00.N7730061190 4730-00-684-6911 nipple tube SP076000M2311MODF0001 Avl RFQ
MS9385-05 5331-00-123-2829 o ring NA Avl RFQ
880-22293-5 6605-00-239-8209 compass magnetic mo NA Avl RFQ
Z00.N5475381225 5310-00-761-4221 nut self locking pl NA Avl RFQ
Z00.N6000807231TBM 1660-00-107-1797 condenser separater water NA Avl RFQ
Z00.N7143022039 5935-01-019-9710 connector plug electrical SPM7MC11V5710 Avl RFQ
Z00.N7423510020 5331-00-103-1986 o ring NA Avl RFQ
T700R1130018-103 9905-14-568-3893 plate instruction NA Avl RFQ
Z00.N7230063365 4730-00-159-6339 locknut tube fittin NA Avl RFQ
4067-70-127 5331-00-813-2806 o ring NA Avl RFQ
Z00.N5338302305 5310-00-167-1285 nut plain castellat NA Avl RFQ
Z00.N5150624009 5305-00-057-0493 screw machine NA Avl RFQ
Z00.N5431465239 5310-14-222-0088 nut self locking plate NA Avl RFQ
Z00.N6036387235TBM 1610-01-391-9351 hub blade assembly propeller air NA Avl RFQ
Z00.N6068757280TBM 1630-01-392-9581 piston hydraulic brake master cy NA Avl RFQ
S9028E905 5331-01-025-1622 o ring NA Avl RFQ
Z00.N7123131883 5365-00-464-7860 spacer plate SP045002MNK60MODF0001 Avl RFQ
Z00.N7394733700 5325-00-814-0267 insert screw thread SP054000M1328MODF0001 Avl RFQ
Z00.N5150624053 5305-00-719-5402 screw machine NA Avl RFQ
Z00.N6007527223TBM 5342-01-211-6850 core assembly NA Avl RFQ
Z00.N7252890135 9905-14-461-8059 etiquette de marqua NA Avl RFQ

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