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Just NSN Parts, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, supplies various Rogan Corporation (CAGE Code 86797) manufacturer parts like 2L4G, RB-67-O-M-L-25 SHAFT NO. 4500, RB-67-1-B-DC-M-.250SHAFT-4500-BL, MS91528-1U4B MOD, RB151-2. You can type in the NSN such as 5355009590411, 5355010577234, 5355011021920, 5355014782959, 5355009171791 into our user-friendly search engine to find the exact part you need from Rogan Corporation. Each and every part is cross-referenced, and quality assured to ensure our customers only receive premium products. We are AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015 certified and FAA AC 0056B accredited.

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Part No NSN Item Name Contract No QTY RFQ
2L4G 5355-00-959-0411 knob NA Avl RFQ
RB-67-O-M-L-25 SHAFT 5355-01-057-7234 knob NA Avl RFQ
RB-67-1-B-DC-M-.250S 5355-01-102-1920 knob NA Avl RFQ
MS91528-1U4B MOD 5355-01-478-2959 knob NA Avl RFQ
RB151-2 5355-00-917-1791 knob NA Avl RFQ
MS91528-1U3B MOD 5355-01-478-2959 knob SP056002MMN44MODF0001 Avl RFQ
RB-540-SK-.250 BLACK 5355-01-133-7312 knob NA Avl RFQ
RB155-7 5355-00-070-5752 knob NA Avl RFQ
RB900R 5355-00-197-2829 knob NA Avl RFQ
RB-67-1A-8P0 5355-01-377-9001 knob SP050099D0038QM600001 Avl RFQ
PT-261-125-BLK 5355-01-500-1919 knob NA Avl RFQ
1059791-62 5355-01-462-4291 knob NA Avl RFQ
RB 67 1POWD MF36231 5355-01-209-8093 knob NA Avl RFQ
RB-67-2A-M 5355-01-313-9672 knob NA Avl RFQ
RB75 5355-00-126-2790 knob SP050099D003838750001 Avl RFQ
RB-67-1-SB-M WAVETEK 5355-01-169-7119 knob NA Avl RFQ
PT-6-P 5355-01-341-9775 knob NA Avl RFQ
RB67-1B0DCMD 5355-01-106-5865 knob NA Avl RFQ
PT-CL-FL-40-A 5355-01-593-9457 knob NA Avl RFQ
RSDP-1 5355-01-466-9187 knob NA Avl RFQ
RB-67-1-SBPO-M-9-0.2 5355-01-165-3410 knob NA Avl RFQ
671-004 5355-01-015-6900 knob NA Avl RFQ
RB-67-3-M 5355-01-302-2621 knob NA Avl RFQ
RB-67-1+0-WD-0.125 G 5355-01-209-8093 knob NA Avl RFQ
RB-67-4CT-M1-4 SHAFT 5355-01-037-6203 knob NA Avl RFQ
RB-67-1-SB-MF4500 5355-01-359-7803 knob NA Avl RFQ
D 30 ST 3 8 16 750 5355-01-305-7822 knob NA Avl RFQ
RB-67-0-DC-M1-8SHAFT 5355-01-160-6248 knob NA Avl RFQ
RB-67-0-.078 5355-01-320-9002 knob NA Avl RFQ
RB-67-2-SB-SK-7-M-BL 5355-01-359-8501 knob NA Avl RFQ
RB-67-1-SK-7-M-BLACK 5355-01-090-3172 knob NA Avl RFQ
BB700RSK7 1-4 5355-01-058-7161 knob NA Avl RFQ
RB-67-2A-X5K-7M 5355-01-242-9137 dial control NA Avl RFQ
RB-67-3-M 5355-01-335-1930 knob NA Avl RFQ
RB-67-0-SB-M-0.125 B 5355-01-198-8589 knob DLA50085VS138MODF0001 Avl RFQ
RB671BSKM 5355-01-449-0996 knob NA Avl RFQ
RB-67-1-B-DC-M 5355-01-329-2439 knob NA Avl RFQ
RB-1250-TSK-PC-2 5355-01-302-4085 dial control NA Avl RFQ
RB-900-TSK SAI-2 5355-01-019-2651 dial control NA Avl RFQ
RB-67-3ML 5355-01-140-9165 knob NA Avl RFQ
RB67-1M1-4 5355-01-015-6900 knob SPM5M208M2071 Avl RFQ
RB-67-0-CSK-W-M 5355-01-510-5620 knob NA Avl RFQ
RB-1250-TSK 22.5DEG 5355-01-098-4789 knob NA Avl RFQ
GR-100-WL SMOOTHBLAC 5355-01-487-2386 knob NA Avl RFQ
RB-67-1-B-DC 5355-01-230-1574 knob NA Avl RFQ
MS-67-1-DC-WD 5355-01-212-4710 knob SP056006M4146MODF0001 Avl RFQ
RB-67-1-XSK-7-M-0.25 5355-01-232-9846 knob NA Avl RFQ
RB-67-2-B-M-1-4 5355-01-217-5260 knob NA Avl RFQ
RB-67-1-B-DC-M1-8SHA 5355-01-159-5237 knob NA Avl RFQ
RB-67-1 0-ML-9 5355-01-151-5554 knob SP050097MQF95MODF0002 Avl RFQ
RB-67-1 5355-01-071-9350 knob NA Avl RFQ
RB67-0-DC-M 5355-01-037-6204 knob NA Avl RFQ
RB67-1CB9 5355-00-252-9489 knob NA Avl RFQ
RB-67-1-SB-M-0.250 B 5355-01-215-0146 knob NA Avl RFQ
RB-67-2A-M-4500-0.25 5355-01-234-0405 knob NA Avl RFQ
RB-67-2-M 5355-01-309-2159 knob NA Avl RFQ
RB-900-TSK SAI-1 5355-01-016-7896 dial control NA Avl RFQ
2I2B 5355-01-180-6678 knob NA Avl RFQ
RB-67-1-B-1-4-3501 5355-01-365-4440 knob NA Avl RFQ
RB-671A+0 5355-01-473-7523 knob NA Avl RFQ
RB-67-2-SK-7-M-0.253 5355-01-133-7313 knob NA Avl RFQ
73SXX9106701001 5355-01-462-4291 knob NA Avl RFQ
RB67-0SK7M.125 5355-01-430-0116 knob NA Avl RFQ
RB-67-0-DC-M-L-0.125 5355-01-173-3703 knob DLA50087M7255MODF0001 Avl RFQ
RB-700-SK-7R 5355-01-215-6756 knob SP050099D0038VP660001 Avl RFQ
RB31 5355-00-844-9444 knob DLA50083VS862MODF0001 Avl RFQ
RB-67-1-SK-7-0.250 B 5355-00-680-1357 knob NA Avl RFQ
RB-67-2-.250-MF9502 5355-01-259-4108 knob NA Avl RFQ
RB-67-3-TSK-M 5355-01-121-1771 dial control NA Avl RFQ
RB141 5355-00-801-4364 knob SP057005M7665MODF0001 Avl RFQ

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