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Just NSN Parts, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, supplies various National Instruments Corporation (CAGE Code 03950, 03QB5, 0BWB0) manufacturer parts like C-1SD/K-NC1004D4, 845-4558791 ITEM 40L1, H821-0014-46L1, 8667-001-061, DF330709 FIND 1 3L1. You can type in the NSN such as 3040016632336, 4820011047574, 5305016724152, 3120013634213, 4820013350392 into our user-friendly search engine to find the exact part you need from National Instruments Corporation. Each and every part is cross-referenced, and quality assured to ensure our customers only receive premium products. We are AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015 certified and FAA AC 0056B accredited.

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Part No NSN Item Name Contract No QTY RFQ
C-1SD/K-NC1004D4 3040-01-663-2336 control assembly,push-pull NA Avl RFQ
845-4558791 ITEM 40L 4820-01-104-7574 insert valve NA Avl RFQ
H821-0014-46L1 5305-01-672-4152 screw cap socket head NA Avl RFQ
8667-001-061 3120-01-363-4213 bushing sleeve NA Avl RFQ
DF330709 FIND 1 3L1 4820-01-335-0392 parts kit ball valv NA Avl RFQ
042-061807L1 4730-01-057-9190 trap steam NA Avl RFQ
ANSI-B16.11CL3000SW1 4730-01-047-4819 tee tube NA Avl RFQ
MS28775-114 5331-01-183-8766 o ring NA Avl RFQ
793927-002 OXYGEN CL 4820-01-631-8976 valve solenoid cryo NA Avl RFQ
15A2139 5905-00-926-0288 resistor variable wire wound nonprecision NA Avl RFQ
566-6985426-A3 PART 4820-01-680-3950 tailpiece,valve NA Avl RFQ
SV799335 FIND 42CP 5325-01-321-7707 ring retaining SPM5A208M0458 Avl RFQ
780575-01 5998-01-665-3333 circuit card assembly NA Avl RFQ
501-7055651 ITEM 090 5306-01-642-2730 bolt machine NA Avl RFQ
592-7068194-F62D4 4730-01-643-1882 clamp hose NA Avl RFQ
283852-0001 ITEM 14C 3040-01-422-5096 adapter housing NA Avl RFQ
A27-19976-2-5SS 5330-01-425-7886 retainer sleeve seal NA Avl RFQ
167-7108111-156D4 5310-01-670-4616 nut self locking hexagon NA Avl RFQ
G547-2101 PN 119D4 5305-01-623-7905 setscrew NA Avl RFQ
CGA580-1-4IN-STD-SSV 4730-01-211-8924 connector cylinder SPM7M311M4646 Avl RFQ
7384912 PN 93D4 3010-01-670-1992 carrier clutch assembly NA Avl RFQ
DF330611 FIND 17L1 5365-01-346-2014 bushing machine thread NA Avl RFQ
845-6640841-AL1 4820-01-343-7264 valve ball NA Avl RFQ
7550478-V3D10437-14C 4820-01-633-1568 disk valve NA Avl RFQ
AA000944-001 5998-01-414-5358 circuit card assemb NA Avl RFQ
2447ASSYRBF1INL1 4820-00-961-9409 valve globe NA Avl RFQ
7550479-5348084-XXX- 5305-01-670-3536 setscrew NA Avl RFQ
N935 SH2 PIECE3 1IPS 4820-01-221-4348 end piece valve NA Avl RFQ
M39003/01-2553 5910-01-221-5215 capacitor specification NA Avl RFQ
MG30BDA PL PG.1 ITEM 5331-01-592-9065 o ring NA Avl RFQ
9452-00-0200L1 5330-01-416-0970 retainer sleeve seal NA Avl RFQ
N-880 SH1 PC23CP 3120-01-237-9424 bushing sleeve NA Avl RFQ
M39014-01-1279 5910-01-221-5235 capacitor specification NA Avl RFQ
H547-0249-130D4 5365-01-644-6261 spacer ring NA Avl RFQ
P2-47946-G01 ITEM 28 4820-01-545-2334 valve assembly NA Avl RFQ
6390669-02 FIND 009D 5340-01-466-6079 clevis and u bolt NA Avl RFQ
6313E100NT 3110-00-987-3735 bearing ball annula NA Avl RFQ
6210103 ASSEMBLY CSS 3040-01-424-7529 connecting link rigid NA Avl RFQ
LLLRPC237 2990-01-411-7565 pipe exhaust NA Avl RFQ
047-022089 ASSY LL1 4730-00-935-5404 valve and trap manifold NA Avl RFQ
2640-403X1ASSYRCXSL1 4820-00-493-3462 valve ball NA Avl RFQ
9736273L1 5365-01-467-8253 plug machine thread NA Avl RFQ
803-2177934-C331AFL1 4820-01-149-5589 valve stop check NA Avl RFQ
502-2299509 PC21QA 5330-01-214-7930 retainer packing NA Avl RFQ
235751-0001L1 4820-01-154-7195 compensator assembly NA Avl RFQ
7550478-3423-4001-4- 4820-01-633-6527 head valve NA Avl RFQ
ASTM-A193 GRADE B16L 5307-01-241-9333 stud continuous thread NA Avl RFQ
S3E10036-02 ITEM 4L1 4730-01-422-2636 nut union NA Avl RFQ
12457D18Q3 5307-01-368-0677 stud continuous thread NA Avl RFQ
C3074 REVH ITEM 4 CP 5331-01-584-2438 o ring NA Avl RFQ
711221PC107 5220-00-525-1204 gage contact circui NA Avl RFQ
401-43SXSSVM 5945-01-361-3672 relay electromagnet DLA90093MVP14MODF0001 Avl RFQ
26M0081RR01AYAUL1 4820-00-507-9065 stem valve NA Avl RFQ
2632-912X1PC14-1INQA 4820-00-001-6496 seat valve NA Avl RFQ
1472CP 5310-01-233-6818 nut plain hexagon SP050095AA60609140001 Avl RFQ
19145PCMKECP 5365-00-588-1962 spacer sleeve NA Avl RFQ
32495C1 4820-01-129-6408 stem fluid valve NA Avl RFQ
CHJ-1015-790-73 3040-01-155-2530 shaft straight NA Avl RFQ
6962ED1965B2 6110-01-399-8136 starter motor NA Avl RFQ
CB250-20-150Z2 5306-01-292-4153 bolt square neck NA Avl RFQ
6405216 FIND 3SS 4710-01-398-9813 tube assembly metal NA Avl RFQ
776572-21 5998-01-547-3825 circuit card assembly NA Avl RFQ
DDSPY-0004-H-09D4 5310-01-644-1539 washer flat NA Avl RFQ
106037016VM 3040-01-233-7351 rod follow up SP076004M5608MODF0001 Avl RFQ
STD562GS 5310-01-076-5182 nut special NA Avl RFQ
803-5348084-XXX-033D 5305-01-670-3022 screw cap hexagon head NA Avl RFQ
2372-030-1CP 4820-01-151-3046 manifold valve NA Avl RFQ
X123-916-5CP 5331-01-592-9106 o ring NA Avl RFQ
RNC75J1913BM 5905-01-218-9545 resistor fixed film NA Avl RFQ
7550077 PN F104D0 4720-01-633-8414 hose assembly nonmetallic NA Avl RFQ

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