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Just NSN Parts, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, supplies various Lucent Technologies Inc (CAGE Code 01714, 05YC5, 06JV9) manufacturer parts like 102796968, 156280, T-250-2201A-L1-1, 600306, G396087-2B1XH. You can type in the NSN such as 5805013064423, 3020000085269, 7025012612811, 5996007998488, 5935005113907 into our user-friendly search engine to find the exact part you need from Lucent Technologies Inc. Each and every part is cross-referenced, and quality assured to ensure our customers only receive premium products. We are AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015 certified and FAA AC 0056B accredited.

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Part No NSN Item Name Contract No QTY RFQ
102796968 5805-01-306-4423 cord telephone circuit NA Avl RFQ
156280 3020-00-008-5269 gear drive motion NA Avl RFQ
T-250-2201A-L1-1 7025-01-261-2811 power control unit F0960390M3457 Avl RFQ
600306 5996-00-799-8488 amplifier video NA Avl RFQ
G396087-2B1XH 5935-00-511-3907 connector receptacle electrical NA Avl RFQ
468B 5935-01-141-2605 jack telephone DLA90079G002905860004 Avl RFQ
154621 5815-00-651-7030 number tape holder NA Avl RFQ
199-3001-351 5910-00-765-6225 capacitor fixed mica dielectric DLA90087PBW04MODF0001 Avl RFQ
G320903J202 5905-00-763-9752 resistor fixed composition NA Avl RFQ
ES689105-1 5935-00-295-6544 connector receptacl NA Avl RFQ
KS20289L6C-261R 5905-01-206-6949 resistor fixed film NA Avl RFQ
682049ISSUE3PT1 5910-00-195-7803 capacitor fixed ceramic dielectr NA Avl RFQ
149A7625 5955-01-394-4376 oscillator crystal controlled NA Avl RFQ
G327203 5930-00-613-3005 switch rotary NA Avl RFQ
G383753-2 5925-00-430-6342 circuit breaker NA Avl RFQ
2382 5310-00-193-7533 washer lock NA Avl RFQ
472466-0060 5950-01-026-8620 coil radio frequenc NA Avl RFQ
182889 3040-00-027-4190 lever manual control NA Avl RFQ
G827544 5340-01-348-5009 cap protective dust and moisture SP050095M8758MODF0001 Avl RFQ
G205511 5945-00-259-1231 relay electromagnet NA Avl RFQ
181199 5815-00-433-1537 piston NA Avl RFQ
149A7435 5955-01-394-4390 oscillator crystal controlled NA Avl RFQ
157A 5940-01-020-2041 terminal board NA Avl RFQ
G612389 5999-00-059-4883 delay line NA Avl RFQ
P9137 5940-00-642-3911 terminal lug NA Avl RFQ
BA89540 5940-00-204-9734 terminal board NA Avl RFQ
G589619 5998-01-050-1761 circuit card assembly NA Avl RFQ
9995552 5930-00-939-6936 switch rotary NA Avl RFQ
151668 5930-00-370-0216 roller electrical switch SP090097AA72906370001 Avl RFQ
G659044-5 6145-00-110-7808 wire electrical NA Avl RFQ
102 581 063 5805-00-403-6789 trunk signalin telephone circuit NA Avl RFQ
ESA678315 10 5935-00-180-0317 socket plug in electronic compon NA Avl RFQ
T-250-2958 5998-01-398-5323 circuit card assembly NA Avl RFQ
102 631 413 5935-01-310-7267 adapter connector DLA90091MFU39MODF0001 Avl RFQ
149A7535 5955-01-394-4380 oscillator crystal controlled NA Avl RFQ
D176176A9203 5905-00-614-3771 resistor fixed film NA Avl RFQ
G270612-3 5910-00-581-5907 capacitor fixed plastic dielectric NA Avl RFQ
KS20616L1A1620 5905-00-096-4167 resistor fixed film NA Avl RFQ
606B604A26 6625-01-160-0161 ammeter NA Avl RFQ
158335 5307-00-712-3169 stud NA Avl RFQ
4012ANETWORK 5915-00-525-3721 network special NA Avl RFQ
AT7285 5999-00-351-3597 clamp electrical DLA90085MHM60MODF0001AA Avl RFQ
410553 5998-01-098-6099 printed wiring board NA Avl RFQ
1086AINDUCT0R 5950-00-515-2608 reactor NA Avl RFQ
GA51334L2 6150-00-337-2790 cable assembly special purpose e NA Avl RFQ
776543TYPE147B 5996-00-543-0913 amplifier audio fre NA Avl RFQ
G311706-2 3040-00-728-3383 shaft straight NA Avl RFQ
ES0690323-4 5935-00-624-9564 socket tube NA Avl RFQ
180718 5360-00-052-5728 spring helical extension NA Avl RFQ
55246 5310-00-797-2579 nut NA Avl RFQ
8762D-66 5110-01-425-5540 blade hand hacksaw NA Avl RFQ
152584 3040-00-370-1519 lever manual control DLA90090MNK69MODF0002AA Avl RFQ
U460RELAY 5945-00-849-8438 relay electromagnetic NA Avl RFQ
GA10866A4220REVJ 5905-00-173-4268 resistor fixed film DLA90084MLW18MODF0001AA Avl RFQ
9989029 6625-00-877-5829 lead test NA Avl RFQ
95441 5815-00-125-4802 lever NA Avl RFQ
G364468 5996-00-105-0860 amplifier audio fre NA Avl RFQ
ED-83171-30 5998-01-353-5287 circuit card assembly NA Avl RFQ
534A 5950-00-647-7379 transformer radio frequency NA Avl RFQ
J94724A1L1 6625-00-225-7628 test set relay NA Avl RFQ
G243745-37 5935-00-583-2076 connector plug electrical NA Avl RFQ
BA98342-3 6210-00-643-0818 light indicator NA Avl RFQ
1544A8370 5915-01-391-0082 filter radio frequency interfere NA Avl RFQ
B118011-100000HMP0RM 5905-00-107-8204 resistor variable nonwire wound NA Avl RFQ
106633704 6625-01-443-8579 controller test ele NA Avl RFQ
BL72413ISSUE2DT 3010-00-319-2345 coupling shaft flexible DLA70089MBA97MODF0001 Avl RFQ
G639673 5998-01-089-5376 circuit card assembly NA Avl RFQ
17735 4935-00-677-8176 amplifier connector NA Avl RFQ
164992 5815-00-982-4462 adapter plate NA Avl RFQ
D164887A30000 5905-00-112-4645 resistor fixed wire wound nonind NA Avl RFQ

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