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Just NSN Parts, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, supplies various Joint Electronics Type Designation (CAGE Code 80058) manufacturer parts like CX10439PPS5, ANARN67, OE415AV1SRC, 7S12, AN-SLQ-26 V 10. You can type in the NSN such as 5995004926140, 5826007210168, 5985013838447, 6625000041644, 5865011984352 into our user-friendly search engine to find the exact part you need from Joint Electronics Type Designation. Each and every part is cross-referenced, and quality assured to ensure our customers only receive premium products. We are AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015 certified and FAA AC 0056B accredited.

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Part No NSN Item Name Contract No QTY RFQ
CX10439PPS5 5995-00-492-6140 cable assembly special purpose electrical NA Avl RFQ
ANARN67 5826-00-721-0168 radio receiving set NA Avl RFQ
OE415AV1SRC 5985-01-383-8447 antenna group NA Avl RFQ
7S12 6625-00-004-1644 plug in unit electr NA Avl RFQ
AN-SLQ-26 V 10 5865-01-198-4352 countermeasures set NA Avl RFQ
RT-1523G C /U 5820-01-581-7010 radio receiver-transmitter NA Avl RFQ
2N2151 5961-00-627-0274 transistor NA Avl RFQ
BA-6699 U 6135-01-267-9484 battery nonrechargeable NA Avl RFQ
AN/TPX-56 V 3 5895-01-504-4594 interrogator set NA Avl RFQ
AN/SIA-115A 5830-01-098-1310 amplifier NA Avl RFQ
ANURN3 5825-00-557-3819 radio set NA Avl RFQ
0A6565APQ104 1270-00-189-7509 radar set group NA Avl RFQ
AN/SSQ-57A 5845-01-146-7635 sonobuoy NA Avl RFQ
B4002503 6625-01-099-2457 operator control gr NA Avl RFQ
MILM55088 6625-00-578-5609 multimeter NA Avl RFQ
MK-1870/VRC-47 5820-01-049-1018 electronic equi installation kit NA Avl RFQ
SCDL90672 6625-00-585-3745 case test set NA Avl RFQ
AN-UPM-15A 6625-00-682-2581 generator pulse NA Avl RFQ
CG1503U4FT0IN 5985-00-583-1158 waveguide assembly NA Avl RFQ
PP-5142/FPS-508A 6130-00-990-1815 power supply NA Avl RFQ
UG20BU 5935-00-500-8511 connector plug elec NA Avl RFQ
C-10807/AXX-1 6130-01-125-0039 control power suppl NA Avl RFQ
AS-4418/PRD-12 5985-01-422-2043 antenna assembly NA Avl RFQ
TS1060BGG 6625-00-542-6106 test set teletypewr NA Avl RFQ
G-87/U 6115-01-414-5127 generator set diesel engine trai NA Avl RFQ
MX8024AYA8 5895-00-833-2523 data ana logic unit NA Avl RFQ
AS112-5012G4 4910-00-555-9558 filler and bleeder NA Avl RFQ
AS-4439/ALR-66C V 5985-01-431-9756 antenna NA Avl RFQ
PWA50011 4920-01-112-8783 test stand aircraft NA Avl RFQ
CY181TMQ1 6660-00-498-9631 case meteorological NA Avl RFQ
U208GSM13 5935-00-804-2425 adapter connector NA Avl RFQ
707291-802 6625-01-192-6990 test set radio NA Avl RFQ
ANWLM5 6625-00-395-0584 test set radio NA Avl RFQ
RT-1107 V 13/WSC-3 V 5895-01-153-1873 radio receiver-transmitter NA Avl RFQ
LS183APIP1 5965-00-665-2156 loudspeaker microphone NA Avl RFQ
2314B57G01 6625-01-102-8136 test set power supp NA Avl RFQ
AN/VAS-5B V 2 5855-01-616-2721 infrared viewer NA Avl RFQ
2002AS100-1 6650-01-283-3771 borescope set flexi NA Avl RFQ
AN/VRC-91E 5820-01-437-1092 radio set NA Avl RFQ
CN77U 5985-00-642-4131 attenuator fixed NA Avl RFQ
UG1185U 5935-00-518-8836 connector plug electrical NA Avl RFQ
622-8099-001 6625-01-250-6239 test set amplifier NA Avl RFQ
R125GRC10 5820-00-503-1244 radio receiver NA Avl RFQ
CG-2755/ARC-105 5985-00-868-1785 line radio frequency transmissio NA Avl RFQ
TR193UQC 5845-00-977-2821 sonar transducer NA Avl RFQ
649800 4935-01-565-7133 test set guided mis NA Avl RFQ
8031132-10 4920-01-104-0775 adapter test NA Avl RFQ
MX1372FPS8 5999-00-665-2089 delay line NA Avl RFQ
CY-8484-APS-94F 6625-01-231-3196 case test set NA Avl RFQ
C-1221/APM-470 5985-01-327-7686 switch waveguide NA Avl RFQ
AM7138A/AN/ALR66 V 5865-01-237-4092 amplifier-receiver NA Avl RFQ
MXU-611A/A 1560-01-353-8345 pylon aircraft NA Avl RFQ
SU-94B/TAS4 5855-01-118-2227 afocal cover NA Avl RFQ
A3185553 6625-01-352-7234 test set electronic NA Avl RFQ
CU1382GFRR 5985-00-432-2998 coupler antenna NA Avl RFQ
97384 5996-00-263-0593 amplifier trigger p NA Avl RFQ
AN/TSQ-253 V 4 5895-01-576-9539 communications operations center NA Avl RFQ
CX-10886/AR 6FT 6150-00-935-5239 cable assembly powe NA Avl RFQ
CX2378U 5995-00-279-6232 cable assembly powe NA Avl RFQ
CY-8042-G 5975-01-141-4942 cabinet electrical equipment NA Avl RFQ
MX-9965/A 5895-01-148-1589 interference blanker NA Avl RFQ
AS-3961/PRC-126 5985-01-280-3606 antenna NA Avl RFQ
C2648AAIC14 5831-00-806-7835 intercommunication set control NA Avl RFQ
218-01942-2 4920-00-118-3114 test set measuremen NA Avl RFQ
J-3425C-AWW 6110-01-380-9438 distribution box NA Avl RFQ
SB1210AUGQ 5895-00-077-4381 communication patching panel NA Avl RFQ
AS-3583 ALT-40(V 5985-01-351-5061 pedestal antenna NA Avl RFQ
001-007592-001 4920-01-341-1976 test station counte NA Avl RFQ
IP-1125/GR 5895-00-431-9635 panoramic indicator NA Avl RFQ
37000-69 1270-01-156-7310 display unit head u NA Avl RFQ

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