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Just NSN Parts, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, supplies various Joint Electronics Type Designation (CAGE Code 80058) manufacturer parts like AN/TPQ-36 V 7, AN/URC-105, C-10999A/A, CX12328U8FT, MX-11440-ALM-205B. You can type in the NSN such as 5840012291278, 5820016024056, 5895012253255, 5995004892650, 4920012592580 into our user-friendly search engine to find the exact part you need from Joint Electronics Type Designation. Each and every part is cross-referenced, and quality assured to ensure our customers only receive premium products. We are AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015 certified and FAA AC 0056B accredited.

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Part No NSN Item Name Contract No QTY RFQ
AN/TPQ-36 V 7 5840-01-229-1278 radar set NA Avl RFQ
AN/URC-105 5820-01-602-4056 radio set NA Avl RFQ
C-10999A/A 5895-01-225-3255 electrical-electro control panel NA Avl RFQ
CX12328U8FT 5995-00-489-2650 cable assembly special purpose e NA Avl RFQ
MX-11440-ALM-205B 4920-01-259-2580 adapter test NA Avl RFQ
AM-6882-A-ASN92V 6605-01-077-8965 converter amplifier NA Avl RFQ
C4150ATPN8 5895-00-437-3675 control-indicator NA Avl RFQ
CX-13523/VRC 6FT 5995-01-453-3935 cable assembly specification NA Avl RFQ
AN-ALM-258 4920-01-205-1207 test station electr NA Avl RFQ
RF-170/FPS 5985-00-904-6254 isolator radio frequency reflect NA Avl RFQ
A3274329-005 6605-01-560-8035 modular azimuth pos NA Avl RFQ
PP6952MSC 6130-00-251-8048 power supply NA Avl RFQ
AN/FSC-34A V 1 5895-01-129-2257 tributary terminal set NA Avl RFQ
CU2067A 5985-00-170-6758 coupler transmission line NA Avl RFQ
CN745GPA73V 6110-00-893-4143 regulator voltage NA Avl RFQ
AN/GRC-252 5830-01-526-6972 intercommunication set NA Avl RFQ
OE-371A V 3/G 5985-01-616-3395 antenna group NA Avl RFQ
MK-2520A/VSQ-1 5820-01-369-2082 electronic equi installation kit NA Avl RFQ
U-122A/G 5935-00-902-3060 connector receptacl NA Avl RFQ
1281AF2B1BEP2 6685-01-373-2860 transmitter pressur NA Avl RFQ
MD526FCC18V 5895-00-082-3841 communications modem NA Avl RFQ
CX-13032/PRC-104 6150-01-065-4441 cable assembly power electrical NA Avl RFQ
MT4429AWG9 5975-00-421-7453 rack electrical equipment NA Avl RFQ
CX-8651A/GR 5995-00-855-7168 cable assembly special purpose e NA Avl RFQ
MK-2464/VSQ-1 5820-01-208-6181 electronic equi installation kit NA Avl RFQ
DPM9 4935-00-858-0980 dolly test equipmen NA Avl RFQ
AN-VSN-10-A 6605-01-463-9477 modular azimuth pos NA Avl RFQ
UG-586B/U 5935-00-506-8045 adapter connector NA Avl RFQ
AB1157USQ 5985-00-413-4419 base antenna support NA Avl RFQ
IP-1366/GSX-2 5895-01-077-0897 data display group NA Avl RFQ
MD-1024/G 5820-01-145-4902 cable driver modem NA Avl RFQ
ANASM347V2 4920-01-066-6901 test console progra NA Avl RFQ
CX-10891/U 3 FT 5995-01-157-8900 cable assembly specification NA Avl RFQ
CV2431SKR1 5820-00-129-8613 electronic frequency converter NA Avl RFQ
SA444GSQ 6110-00-341-9313 switching unit power transfer NA Avl RFQ
MSG34 6625-00-814-3854 generator signal NA Avl RFQ
AN/TSM-215 5895-01-530-4255 transponder set NA Avl RFQ
MT-6140/ARC-190 V 5975-01-105-2670 mounting base electrical equipme NA Avl RFQ
SCDL88416 6660-00-527-8891 case meteorological NA Avl RFQ
OA-7404/FLR-9 5865-00-112-2734 countermeas receiver subassembly NA Avl RFQ
CD-34/UPM-155 5998-01-372-4204 circuit card assembly NA Avl RFQ
3071000005 1270-01-398-4960 control indicator NA Avl RFQ
13A6521-2 4920-01-372-2778 test station radar NA Avl RFQ
50139-5001G1 6625-00-447-5134 test set electronic NA Avl RFQ
TV7PARENU 6625-00-772-6106 test set electron t NA Avl RFQ
C760AA 5895-00-505-0947 receiver control NA Avl RFQ
SU-162/AAM-79 5850-01-297-9944 infrared collimator NA Avl RFQ
TT-766/U 5895-01-121-9563 co printer terminal NA Avl RFQ
JB70B 5820-00-221-0199 radio set control NA Avl RFQ
SCDL373210 6660-00-753-1862 rawin set NA Avl RFQ
AT-157/U 5985-00-504-7777 horn waveguide NA Avl RFQ
TD875PU 6625-00-935-1457 counter electronic NA Avl RFQ
AN/USQ-135 V 2 5895-01-423-9146 shipboard position NA Avl RFQ
PU-801 6115-01-319-9033 generator set diesel engine trai NA Avl RFQ
CX-13186-U(6 FT 5995-01-142-6357 cable assembly special purpose electrical NA Avl RFQ
SA304U 5985-00-548-5992 switch radio frequency transmiss NA Avl RFQ
GE223 6625-00-346-0243 coupler test set NA Avl RFQ
CX-13450/VRC 9FT. 0I 6150-01-387-0592 cable assembly power electrical NA Avl RFQ
AN/TPX-42A V 3 5895-00-500-8334 interrogator set NA Avl RFQ
RE49F211CTYPEUG48U 5985-00-229-4424 line section radio frequency tra NA Avl RFQ
AT-597-MPS-19 5985-00-546-5006 antenna NA Avl RFQ
C8789ASW33 1680-00-301-0839 control stick aircraft NA Avl RFQ
MD-1152/G 5895-01-149-8818 demodulator NA Avl RFQ
CX11628APMV2 6150-00-926-6367 cable assembly powe NA Avl RFQ
SG582U 6625-00-762-0069 high frequency sign NA Avl RFQ
MX-12240-S 6665-01-541-9185 radiacmeter NA Avl RFQ
33-25-00000 6625-00-918-6290 console functional NA Avl RFQ
C435GRC 5820-00-665-0944 radio set control NA Avl RFQ
ANARN69 5826-00-442-1900 anarn69 bench set NA Avl RFQ
AN GSQ T47 6920-01-272-7799 trainer control mon NA Avl RFQ

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