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Just NSN Parts, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, supplies various Joint Electronics Type Designation (CAGE Code 80058) manufacturer parts like 12A16849-3, AN/AAR-57 V 12, CN1263ASN92V, 001-004229, KY-854-AYQ-9-V. You can type in the NSN such as 4920001202198, 5865015813996, 6605002583074, 6625008380894, 1270011899995 into our user-friendly search engine to find the exact part you need from Joint Electronics Type Designation. Each and every part is cross-referenced, and quality assured to ensure our customers only receive premium products. We are AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015 certified and FAA AC 0056B accredited.

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Part No NSN Item Name Contract No QTY RFQ
12A16849-3 4920-00-120-2198 test station electrical electronic equipment NA Avl RFQ
AN/AAR-57 V 12 5865-01-581-3996 counterm warning receiver system NA Avl RFQ
CN1263ASN92V 6605-00-258-3074 inertial measuremen NA Avl RFQ
001-004229 6625-00-838-0894 test set oscillator NA Avl RFQ
KY-854-AYQ-9-V 1270-01-189-9995 encoder decoder com NA Avl RFQ
8013B 6625-01-010-3524 generator pulse NA Avl RFQ
PU375AG 6115-00-753-2231 generator set gasoline engine tr NA Avl RFQ
CX-13342-U 5995-01-253-6131 cable assembly power electrical NA Avl RFQ
AN/ALE-502 5865-01-257-6716 countermeasures dispensing set NA Avl RFQ
PP-8282/U 6130-01-316-2745 power supply NA Avl RFQ
AN/TPQ-36 V 8 5840-01-390-0529 radar set NA Avl RFQ
MK-1967/VRC 5810-01-074-2687 electronic equi installation kit NA Avl RFQ
AN/AAR-57A V 5 5865-01-597-0946 counterm warning receiver system NA Avl RFQ
CV182AGRC26A 5895-00-240-3295 frequency shift converter NA Avl RFQ
T9502ANUPM53 6625-00-508-2426 test set radar NA Avl RFQ
AN/MJQ-42 6115-01-322-8583 power plant electric trailer mou NA Avl RFQ
TS3156U 6625-00-133-7496 test set noise leve NA Avl RFQ
685893-1 6625-01-327-9839 test bench radar se NA Avl RFQ
522-1151-000 6625-00-863-3402 test set indicator NA Avl RFQ
CX-13405/G 5995-01-328-4598 cable assembly powe NA Avl RFQ
001-007841-004 1280-01-467-0592 electronic unit sys NA Avl RFQ
RT1107AV2WSC3A-DAMA- 5895-01-424-4176 receiver-transmitter subassembly NA Avl RFQ
SMB625754 6625-00-179-1833 adapter test NA Avl RFQ
C6844ARN87V 5826-00-942-1930 control NA Avl RFQ
AM-6923/UA 5895-01-029-8729 video preamplifier NA Avl RFQ
CG1010U5-2 1-4 5985-00-280-3485 waveguide assembly NA Avl RFQ
TS238GP 6625-00-192-9313 cavity tuned NA Avl RFQ
CV-425/U 5805-00-985-9088 telegraph-telephone si converter NA Avl RFQ
901386-801 6625-01-239-9075 test set electronic NA Avl RFQ
DA-679-APM-401 4920-01-031-9274 test set load box NA Avl RFQ
53-870067-7 1270-00-064-1997 sight optical displ NA Avl RFQ
T4618000-22 4935-01-388-6222 test station guided NA Avl RFQ
AM-3790B/SRC-23V 5996-01-200-2925 amplifier,radio frequency NA Avl RFQ
AB1086TRA37 5985-00-727-4373 mast section NA Avl RFQ
0445AALT6B 5963-00-646-6670 oscillator noncrystal controlled NA Avl RFQ
RT-1107 V 2/WSC-3 V 5895-01-153-2247 radio receiver-transmitter NA Avl RFQ
TR174 4920-00-073-6850 test set deicer pro NA Avl RFQ
AS-4176 TSC-124 5985-01-327-2816 antenna element NA Avl RFQ
CY4455WLR1 5975-00-068-4478 cabinet electrical equipment NA Avl RFQ
TT483UGC 5815-00-082-4196 teletypewriter NA Avl RFQ
C2329BGRA39 5820-00-949-9908 radio set control NA Avl RFQ
MX1410-U 6625-01-098-0451 probe test NA Avl RFQ
CG-3856/VRC 30FT.0IN 5995-01-437-8857 cable assembly special purpose e NA Avl RFQ
BTK35A 6625-00-868-8323 test set radio NA Avl RFQ
RT-1379/ASW 5895-01-134-5286 transmitter receiver processor NA Avl RFQ
BA1312U 6135-00-269-5843 battery nonrechargeable NA Avl RFQ
MT1906ARN31 5975-00-593-4615 mounting base electrical equipme NA Avl RFQ
UG167CU 5935-00-201-3219 connector plug elec NA Avl RFQ
CX4708AIC 5995-00-710-1301 cord assembly electrical branche NA Avl RFQ
305A 6625-00-739-1192 multimeter NA Avl RFQ
SG-1093-U 6625-00-318-6304 generator signal NA Avl RFQ
CN1688V2URC 5985-01-413-4778 attenuator fixed NA Avl RFQ
622-7326-003 6645-01-320-4138 generator time code NA Avl RFQ
MD-1388/A 5895-01-591-0182 communications modem NA Avl RFQ
CX-1890/U4FT 5995-00-807-1827 cable assembly radi NA Avl RFQ
MIL-T-55103A 6625-01-154-3801 test set electrical NA Avl RFQ
CX2000U 5995-00-173-7122 cable assembly powe NA Avl RFQ
AN/PVS-10 5855-01-410-8979 night vision sniperscope sight NA Avl RFQ
CU1768AAYA6 5895-00-026-1749 expanded memory unit coupler NA Avl RFQ
CG-1127A/U10IN 5995-00-823-2308 cable assembly radi NA Avl RFQ
CV1441MPS23A 5840-00-980-5238 waveform converter NA Avl RFQ
AM 4130A ULQ 6B 5996-01-183-1205 amplifier radio fre NA Avl RFQ
C-8242A/AIC-22 V 5831-01-190-7804 intercommunication s control box NA Avl RFQ
A11443-002 6625-00-079-3021 converter signal da NA Avl RFQ
MK100M1 1240-00-336-3686 telescope NA Avl RFQ
CG1342U 5985-00-538-0458 waveguide assembly NA Avl RFQ
MT3712AURT26 5826-00-250-0077 airfoil mount assembly NA Avl RFQ
OJ-590/FYK-13 V 5840-01-212-9150 radar set console NA Avl RFQ
CY2834APM 6625-00-770-4921 case test set NA Avl RFQ
CG3616TPM24V 5995-00-133-7794 cable assembly radi NA Avl RFQ

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