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Just NSN Parts, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, supplies various Curtiss Wright Electro Mechanical (CAGE Code 04808, 0UBG9, 10171) manufacturer parts like 6HEA184X1, D24819PC82, SL5001PC70, 4396P, D30401PC104-106-107. You can type in the NSN such as 4320010263109, 2825003897178, 4320003988541, 4320002183788, 2825003897195 into our user-friendly search engine to find the exact part you need from Curtiss Wright Electro Mechanical. Each and every part is cross-referenced, and quality assured to ensure our customers only receive premium products. We are AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015 certified and FAA AC 0056B accredited.

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Part No NSN Item Name Contract No QTY RFQ
6HEA184X1 4320-01-026-3109 rotor pump NA Avl RFQ
D24819PC82 2825-00-389-7178 lever governor overspeed NA Avl RFQ
SL5001PC70 4320-00-398-8541 housing bearing NA Avl RFQ
4396P 4320-00-218-3788 cover bearing NA Avl RFQ
D30401PC104-106-107 2825-00-389-7195 packing assembly carbon NA Avl RFQ
12A5-KK-10 5310-01-382-9031 washer flat NA Avl RFQ
Y-249323 4320-00-916-3999 sleeve shaft pump NA Avl RFQ
10277 4320-00-847-1148 ring wearing NA Avl RFQ
12878C18A 4320-01-384-1460 plate cover grease NA Avl RFQ
K-U3-R287UF3 4320-01-096-9161 ring wearing NA Avl RFQ
RY168772 ITEM 11 4320-01-137-7200 seal assembly shaft NA Avl RFQ
620834 5340-01-325-3688 disk solid plain NA Avl RFQ
RY147476 4320-01-290-6744 deflector dirt and liquid NA Avl RFQ
4538B62IT1 5305-01-696-1918 screw,cap,hexagon head NA Avl RFQ
14367N18 4320-01-479-1353 guide suction NA Avl RFQ
10597 4320-00-218-3264 impeller pump centr NA Avl RFQ
1F1808PC9US 4320-00-398-5838 ring casing undersi NA Avl RFQ
18496P 4320-00-916-3679 ring wearing NA Avl RFQ
150G16AX1-122 5330-00-391-8043 retainer packing NA Avl RFQ
V4736-2W 2825-00-145-2327 spindle governor NA Avl RFQ
SL4630PC72 4320-00-398-8543 cover bearing housi NA Avl RFQ
SL-5047PCS-82-83-84- 4320-00-177-3029 labyrinth assembly NA Avl RFQ
W244327 4320-00-541-6892 pump unit centrifugal NA Avl RFQ
SL7486PC41 5310-00-393-3521 nut shaft NA Avl RFQ
IC-4375 PIECE 8 4320-00-300-7602 impeller pump centr NA Avl RFQ
RW-145224 4320-01-213-1737 impeller pump centr NA Avl RFQ
SL5560PC72 4320-00-218-3387 ring wearing NA Avl RFQ
215185PC94A 4320-00-394-6189 ring wearing NA Avl RFQ
12637B18 5310-01-475-7768 washer lock clip NA Avl RFQ
3880C46 ITEM 008 5330-01-537-4242 gasket SPM5M209M2185 Avl RFQ
RY-155615 PC 13 4320-00-195-8526 ring lantern NA Avl RFQ
0L8052REVA8PC4-2 3120-00-792-5478 bearing sleeve NA Avl RFQ
1305P 3110-00-155-6188 bearing ball annular NA Avl RFQ
Y475D4CX7-65K 4320-00-618-0630 ring wearing NA Avl RFQ
14363N18 4320-01-471-2676 ring wearing NA Avl RFQ
365C944G01 5120-00-703-1838 staking tool 5 16in NA Avl RFQ
P04001-00 5310-00-477-1966 nut NA Avl RFQ
1-D-2529 ITEM 3.3 5340-01-188-8519 cover access NA Avl RFQ
Y327522PA 4320-00-633-1280 rotor pump NA Avl RFQ
CVA60S5001H1487732LI 6695-00-123-7876 gage clearance turb NA Avl RFQ
D23718PC175T0189 4820-00-390-4271 valve assembly NA Avl RFQ
2VHM6AX3-165US 4320-00-212-9844 ring wearing NA Avl RFQ
5284P 4320-00-398-8620 housing bearing NA Avl RFQ
VK8264 3120-00-021-1899 bearing sleeve NA Avl RFQ
257B997ITEM1 5330-00-621-7972 retainer packing NA Avl RFQ
937635-5 3130-01-165-4199 cap pillow block NA Avl RFQ
63507 3040-00-509-6316 shaft shouldered NA Avl RFQ
Z312S64X1 5330-00-599-3471 packing preformed DLA50085MN437MODF0001 Avl RFQ
B22690 3040-00-126-4662 shaft turbine NA Avl RFQ
L000382PC20A 4320-01-521-9002 stfg box discharge NA Avl RFQ
4D98233ITEM45 5998-01-517-1813 circuit card assemb NA Avl RFQ
1C-4355PC83 5305-01-231-3128 screw SP050002AA93035210001 Avl RFQ
SL5417APC15 4320-00-218-3601 deflector dirt and NA Avl RFQ
172695F 4320-00-398-8446 ring wearing NA Avl RFQ
13766P 3120-00-911-9636 bearing sleeve NA Avl RFQ
SL8508REVAPC35-35-1 4320-00-396-2465 box stuffing NA Avl RFQ
1B10037PC6 5310-00-935-1298 washer key NA Avl RFQ
157440PC300 5360-00-291-7137 spring helical compression NA Avl RFQ
50779628 5330-01-154-9408 seal NA Avl RFQ
SL5892PC3 4320-00-398-8215 impel er pump NA Avl RFQ
D-1022-3X2X7.6-76630 5330-01-467-8817 gasket NA Avl RFQ
PC8-125 5330-00-249-5062 seal plain NA Avl RFQ
1F2309PC14 3110-00-394-6103 bearing bottom NA Avl RFQ
107029PC307 5310-00-314-1519 washer piston lock NA Avl RFQ
93015PC312 4320-00-119-3230 ring wearing NA Avl RFQ
3779P 4320-00-398-7722 impeller pump centr NA Avl RFQ
309519 4320-00-398-8343 ring wearing NA Avl RFQ
2892P 4320-00-398-8822 liner chest NA Avl RFQ
SL6253 4320-00-288-9659 pump unit centrifug NA Avl RFQ
32436 4320-00-893-9214 gear idle pump NA Avl RFQ

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