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Just NSN Parts, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, supplies various Core Industries Inc manufacturer parts like AN-2.5-51 ASSY 2.5-51CQQ-3-1, 125-F-B-2.0 0.062MONEL, SH-10.0-72-04Q-0, 761 4.00IPS, 5.0-51-CQQ3-1. You can type in the NSN such as 4820015031687, 4730013137316, 3040014519821, 4730011954446, 4820012330759 into our user-friendly search engine to find the exact part you need from Core Industries Inc. Each and every part is cross-referenced, and quality assured to ensure our customers only receive premium products. We are AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015 certified and FAA AC 0056B accredited.

ASAP is the only independent distributor with a No China Sourcing Policy. As your purchasing partner, we aim to streamline your part procurement process. Fill out a request for quote form today to get started.

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Part No RFQ
AN-2.5-51 ASSY 2.5-5 RFQ
125-F-B-2.0 0.062MON RFQ
SH-10.0-72-04Q-0 RFQ
761 4.00IPS RFQ
5.0-51-CQQ3-1 RFQ
AN-3.0-761CS-J1 RFQ
02.0-551108F125 RFQ
S-2.0-1716-11-J-16-0 RFQ
G-1.5-605-R-X RFQ
2.0-692F-D-H-X RFQ
AN-3.0-852-I1 RFQ
AN-.50-352 1-2 RFQ
CN-2.5-852M RFQ
AN-1.5-352 1-2-J 1-1 RFQ
AN 2 5 352 1 2 RFQ
AN-2.0-851-T1 ITEM 3 RFQ
AN-2.5-761-T2 RFQ
AN-2.5-781-B RFQ
C-1.5-1715C-250-25-X RFQ
BK-1.5-692F-11 RFQ
BG-5.0-40060FF-B-0 RFQ
AN-8.0-51-I PIECE 2 RFQ
S-4.0-1225B-11-K-0-0 RFQ
C-1.0-403C-150-3-0 RFQ
AN-1.0-3521 2-T ITEM RFQ
1 25 353 1 2 M RFQ
AN-2.0-761-B-4 RFQ
G-3.5-1220-B-0 RFQ
AN-2.0-692F-DHV .125 RFQ
G-3.0-408SM-F1-X RFQ
2IN-N0.11-Y-CI RFQ
581-3 4IN .020PERF RFQ
8.0-72-KQQ-3-Q-N0018 RFQ
AN-.75-862-K RFQ
AN-3.0-851-M3 RFQ
G-5.0-899-AA-0 RFQ
M6722690 RFQ
AN-6.0-852M-Q 0.093M RFQ
DN-0.5-764-WE-A RFQ
G-4.0-1225S-H-0 RFQ
AN-0.25-351-H RFQ
351M-.50IN RFQ
764-Y-.50IN-600 RFQ
862BC200SCR033 RFQ
AN-3.0-851M-D2 PIECE RFQ
TG-4.0-4005S-B-0 RFQ
G-1.5-1200B-B-0 RFQ
AN-75-862-K-3M RFQ
AN-.75-352 1-2-C4 IT RFQ
SP-3.0-72-05-H-0 RFQ
4IN-72-I-H-H-3 RFQ
D-2.0-91-3-U RFQ
3.0-781SS-D-20846-01 RFQ
AN 2 0 352 1 2 V RFQ
AN-0.50-764-I PIECE RFQ
BN-2.0-12-52-L10 PC RFQ
S-1.25-1614-6-A-0-0 RFQ
SH-5.0-72-04-Q-0 RFQ
1.5-125FSS-D-24869-0 RFQ
AN-2.0-395CL-B RFQ
AN-1.5-692F-H-H 5-32 RFQ
AN 50 352 1 2 M6 ITE RFQ
AN-6.0-72BRZ-H RFQ
TG-1.5-125-01-B1-0 RFQ
S-1.0-403-7-C-0-0 RFQ
CN-2.0 12.0-51 52-7 RFQ
AN-1.0-764-P ITEM 3 RFQ
S-2.0-1716-11-F-0-0 RFQ
DN-1.0-762-SS RFQ
761-.750-.020PE RFQ
2-5-51-03-Q RFQ
185-4.0-CS RFQ
AN-.50-582-I1 RFQ
AN-.50-851-G ITEM 3 RFQ
52CHQ3-1-5 RFQ
AN-.56-851-J RFQ
AN-2-5-35211 2-J ITE RFQ
AN-0.50-351-Y RFQ
S3.0-1718-4-J-41-0 RFQ
AN-6.0-764-V RFQ
M6708701 RFQ
BK-3.0-692F11-J-0 RFQ
1.5-794FMM-13703-07 RFQ
AN-.50-761CS-G1 RFQ
AN-10.0-852-A-MOD 1 RFQ
L0-6.0-51-05-3-0 RFQ
692-FBB 1.5IN 1-16MO RFQ
G-3.0-408-H-0 RFQ
S-2.5-407-6-A-0-X RFQ
S-2.0-1716-11-I-0-0 RFQ
D-3.0-72-03-Q-0 RFQ
AN-0.375-352 1 2-H RFQ
761 1 1 2IN FLGE 020 RFQ

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