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Just NSN Parts, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, supplies various Breeze Eastern Llc (CAGE Code 05662, 08484) manufacturer parts like 17149-10, 20052S, BL 7580 8, BL1557, BL8515. You can type in the NSN such as 4030015647629, 4730002776191, 5340014207868, 1630005606436, 1680001058815 into our user-friendly search engine to find the exact part you need from Breeze Eastern Llc. Each and every part is cross-referenced, and quality assured to ensure our customers only receive premium products. We are AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015 certified and FAA AC 0056B accredited.

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Part No NSN Item Name Contract No QTY RFQ
17149-10 4030-01-564-7629 hook hoist NA Avl RFQ
20052S 4730-00-277-6191 clamp hose DLA70085MJB54MODF0001 Avl RFQ
BL 7580 8 5340-01-420-7868 grip handle NA Avl RFQ
BL1557 1630-00-560-6436 disc brake NA Avl RFQ
BL8515 1680-00-105-8815 retainer bracket ho NA Avl RFQ
E1299-63-10 6110-00-617-0092 distribution box NA Avl RFQ
BL-11253-1 4730-01-218-3363 adapter straight tube to boss DLA70086VN194MODF0001 Avl RFQ
SP519 5945-00-977-5760 solenoid electrical NA Avl RFQ
Y-1219-57-1 4730-01-219-2304 sleeve clinch tube fitting NA Avl RFQ
22132-2 1680-01-534-2649 pad pedal NA Avl RFQ
12030-1 1680-00-929-6208 safety lock NA Avl RFQ
BL-8418 9905-00-851-8875 plate instruction NA Avl RFQ
11059-1 5930-00-824-6026 switch actuator NA Avl RFQ
E1003-15-20 5935-00-258-2863 connector receptacle electrical NA Avl RFQ
BL-11877-1 1680-01-532-3033 shim aircraft mater NA Avl RFQ
BL-3955-3 3120-01-144-6301 bearing sleeve NA Avl RFQ
BL6552 5985-00-420-9491 gear cam NA Avl RFQ
BL-11225-1 5315-01-220-0947 pin straight headed NA Avl RFQ
100116W L1N 4730-00-601-0543 clamp hose NA Avl RFQ
BL-19215-1 4820-01-654-7100 valve relief pressure and temper NA Avl RFQ
BL-16748-1 5999-01-566-8226 harn assem motor in NA Avl RFQ
BL-10569 3040-01-223-8712 shaft shouldered NA Avl RFQ
E3336 2925-00-696-3304 strip sealing ground NA Avl RFQ
AJ-9800-41-7 3110-01-234-1508 ball bearing SPM4A612MEB87 Avl RFQ
BL-10623 1680-01-216-8011 support cyclocentri NA Avl RFQ
Y-1072-26-5 5325-01-586-8721 grommet half NA Avl RFQ
BL-10488-2 3040-01-221-0115 cam control NA Avl RFQ
20072S 4730-00-359-9487 clamp hose NA Avl RFQ
BL-17251-1 1680-01-653-4220 housing coupling NA Avl RFQ
BL-13677-1 5340-01-691-9253 handwheel NA Avl RFQ
14048-1 1730-00-832-9248 tie down aircraft m NA Avl RFQ
BL9194-1 1630-01-018-7606 disc brake NA Avl RFQ
CD456 1680-00-867-7656 rod connecting NA Avl RFQ
11-2-12 5975-00-250-6762 ferrule electrical conduit NA Avl RFQ
BL-11191-1 1680-01-221-2552 flange hoist motor end NA Avl RFQ
SP1623-1 1680-00-929-6185 boss pivot SP046001MUE42MODF0001 Avl RFQ
WA-1410 1680-00-717-9902 clamp cable NA Avl RFQ
WB-3303 3010-00-042-8279 clutch pack NA Avl RFQ
FE7590-39 5360-01-155-4567 spring helical torsion NA Avl RFQ
BL-11204-1 3040-01-224-1540 shaft shouldered NA Avl RFQ
22-0375-6 5975-00-240-2660 box connector electrical NA Avl RFQ
BL17098-1 5305-01-697-0818 screw,machine NA Avl RFQ
SC0307 3020-00-068-8327 chain silent NA Avl RFQ
SP4246-15 1670-01-442-7680 tie down cargo aircraft NA Avl RFQ
BL4214 3020-00-517-7647 gear worm NA Avl RFQ
11-1-4 5975-00-266-1986 ferrule electrical conduit NA Avl RFQ
9444 4730-01-212-9614 clamp hose NA Avl RFQ
4001 4730-01-113-8105 clamp kit SP076002VD359MODF0001 Avl RFQ
BL-10667 5310-01-282-9220 washer flat NA Avl RFQ
BL-9088 1680-01-017-2712 strap guard NA Avl RFQ
VJ1019 2520-00-397-5509 yoke universal joint vehicular NA Avl RFQ
Y-1139-32-1 5330-01-375-5323 seal nonmetallic channel NA Avl RFQ
BL2277 3110-00-100-6150 ball bearing NA Avl RFQ
BL-11274-3 1680-01-265-3513 roller housing assembly FA850907M0009 Avl RFQ
3590AS538-1 1730-01-486-9334 harness assembly batter NA Avl RFQ
BL-11653-1 5340-01-220-7401 plate retaining seal SP050000AA98900030001 Avl RFQ
BL5222-4 5961-00-851-5898 semiconductor device diode NA Avl RFQ
3590AS323-1 5315-01-504-6884 pin quick release SP054005M6479MODF0001 Avl RFQ
Y1219 69 1 4730-01-477-0924 union tube NA Avl RFQ
BL-8826 6145-00-617-1319 cable power electrical NA Avl RFQ
BL-2095-R54 5365-00-938-3600 shim NA Avl RFQ
4508-65 3110-00-142-4337 bearing ball airframe NA Avl RFQ
BL-11355-1 5305-01-265-3390 screw cap socket head NA Avl RFQ
BL6258-5 9905-01-356-2956 plate identification NA Avl RFQ
SP1549-1 3040-00-867-0521 shaft shouldered NA Avl RFQ
Y-1028-1-6 3110-01-572-2584 bearing roller needle NA Avl RFQ
BL-16600-161 3950-01-448-6440 hoist wire rope NA Avl RFQ
BL6474 1680-00-938-3580 sleeve guide housin F0960383G1466YQ280001 Avl RFQ
WA2225 5310-00-999-2080 washer recessed SP054002MAY90MODF0001 Avl RFQ
BL1344 1680-00-779-0694 pendant control mat NA Avl RFQ

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