3m Company Parts

Cage Code 94960, 0G8N4, 0HTH7, 3HUC7, 6H360, 28112

3M was founded in 1902 in the town Harbors, Minnesota by five businessmen with diverse occupations. 3M first started as a mineral company to deposit for grinding-wheel abrasives. The Company was moved to St. Paul in 1910 because of new investors. One of the milestones for 3M was the invention of the first waterproof sandpaper that helped reduce airborne dust during automobile manufacturing. Another major milestone step for 3M was the invention of masking tape in 1925 by Richard G. Drew, a young lab assistant. During the early 1940’s 3M was diverted into defense materials for World War II. 3M expanded into pharmaceuticals, radiology and energy control during the 1970s and 1980s. In the 1990s 3M reached the 15 billion mark and kept developing new innovative products. Today, 3M is a global innovation company the never stops inventing. In year-end of 2012, 3M had global sales of 30 billion and sold 3M products in nearly 200 countries. 3M had 88,000 employees globally in the year 2012. In 2012 Fast Company listed 3M in the top 10 of the ‘The World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies in Healthcare.

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Part NumberNSN PartsDescriptionQtyRFQ
081175120015540571DISPENSER,SEALANT AvailableRFQ
1M-1010-050-3365-012.0-00-AB-005995015605538CABLE ASSEMBLY,RIBBON,ELECTRICAL AvailableRFQ
20601105970013258519TAPE,INSULATION,ELECTRICAL AvailableRFQ
24391-165970001475675TAPE,INSULATION,ELECTRICAL AvailableRFQ
248-5201-00-33075935012850988SOCKET,PLUG IN ELECTRONIC COMPON AvailableRFQ
3372-63055935012368820CONNECTOR,RECEPTACLE,ELECTRICAL AvailableRFQ
3408-63055935014123445CONNECTOR,RECEPTACLE,ELECTRICAL AvailableRFQ
3429-63055935011833885CONNECTOR,RECEPTACLE,ELECTRICAL AvailableRFQ
3432-63055935013421222CONNECTOR,RECEPTACLE,ELECTRICAL AvailableRFQ
3433-63055935011833881CONNECTOR,RECEPTACLE,ELECTRICAL AvailableRFQ
3650-1209515013263634FOIL,METAL AvailableRFQ
53496240000060350LAMP,INCANDESCENT AvailableRFQ
70-0712-4559-41660015879743FILTER ELEMENT,AIR CONDITIONING AvailableRFQ
78-8000-5349-46240000060350LAMP,INCANDESCENT AvailableRFQ
78-8454-3473-36240004985965LAMP,INCANDESCENT AvailableRFQ
799486130015869101REFLECTIVE TAPE,YE AvailableRFQ
96066130015502382CHARGER,BATTERY AvailableRFQ
98-0211-5417-85999014631856HEAT SINK,ELECTRICAL-ELECTRONIC AvailableRFQ
CST 030-060-2005970013518986INSULATION SLEEVING,ELECTRICAL AvailableRFQ
M24391-025970004194291TAPE,INSULATION,ELECTRICAL AvailableRFQ
M24391-035970004193164TAPE,INSULATION,ELECTRICAL AvailableRFQ
SCOTCHCAL-P35970013016420TAPE AvailableRFQ
SCOTCHCAL3658(MOD)9515013263634FOIL,METAL AvailableRFQ
SCOTCHCAL3658MOD9515013263634FOIL,METAL AvailableRFQ
SJ53825340016090669PAD,CUSHIONING AvailableRFQ